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  1. It will all depend on the tropical season; my experiance is that fall crossings are much rougher than spring crossings before the season starts. I hvae made several deployments in my naval career and I always find the spring smooth and coming back the last time we had to transit way south (a day late to return to Norfolk) because of the "perfect storm" in 92. we ran square into it coming home and I got to practice my "bulkhead strole". With luck, you will havw an enjoyable crossing without all the drama.
  2. Navy_Chief


    Time at sea can be extreamly relaxing. I always enjoy the time reading but of course, that was on navy ships during down time. As Greg pointed out, the night life can be well after midnight when a port is not in sight the very next day. The only damper is making the cross in the fall; with a light tropical season you will be fine. Best wishes on your trans atlantic voyage.
  3. Realy great picture Greg! makes me wish I was there!
  4. As others hve said, check with your carrier. There are those who need to use cell services or have them available on a moments notice and for very good reasons. One thing you should keep in mind, you are on vacation to relax and enjoy things away from the every day events. If you don't need the cell, leave it at home. Or if you are like me, I know I needed it for arrangements post cruise so it stayed deep in the bowels of my suite case until the end of the trip. Please enjoy your cruise and relax :)
  5. Hey all, I've been away from the boards for a while but starting to get a bit more time in my schedule so I hope to be by a bit more often. I hope everyone is well and enjoying a cruise now and again. Since coming back to Connecticut from Texas my job has been keeping me quite busy. With that said, I am starting to look to 2010 and another possibility of a cruise. Been a long time since I've been to sea now; I feel the need to get out there!
  6. Don't get NCL Freestyle confused with HALs "Dining Windows", they are totally two different things. On HAL, your still assigned to Early or Late seating and a specific table. It is not an open seat dining room during dinner as it is for breakfast and lunch. I also hope we continue with Formal Nights.
  7. Gee Greg, I thought the Dallas area was more of a dry heat. Then again, we only travel to Fort Worth to visit the kids in December, a pleasent break from our New England weather :D, but not this December though, we're dragging my parents, brother and sister-n-law to a "Dam" ship for a pre-season get away :D. I did have the opportunity to visit Den Helder once and met some really great folks there. Taking a Baltic cruise on a "Dam" ship is on my list of things to do. I enjoyed that region of the world so much and want to share the experiance with my DW.
  8. I'll remember that one! My wife loves watermellon and drools fro summer just to have it :D , but It sounds like something I want to try for myself too.
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