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  1. I think a lot depends on the itinerary. On a short cruise into the Caribbean, the attire is more relaxed, but still in the DR on stated "formal" nights, it's more like Church on Sunday. I've only seen once a man refused entry until he showed up with a jacket. However, that was long ago, and maybe he would get by with a dress shirt and tie now. Correct me if I'm wrong, please. Prinsendam is my all-time favorite ship, as we've had over 300 days on her including a World Cruise, and we are booked on this Caribbean cruise as a farewell before she goes to another company. Wilda
  2. From one who has cruised on Prinsendam for over 300 days, I agree that the retirement of this great ship is a moment of remembrance, if not real sadness, but a reason to celebrate the great times we had on our "home" for such great cruises such as the 2005 World Cruise and others that gave us so much more than just the entertainment and vacation at sea experiences. We were able to visit countries and talk to people in so many different cultures, never to experience again. Our next cruise is on Prinsendam, just because she will be retired next year and we couldn't pass up this chance to revisit this most wonderful ship. I'll never forget all the great cruises and the great Captain Halle Thon Gundersen, who was so much a part of the best cruises we ever experienced. Slinkie
  3. We've received our documents for the Feb. 13, 2016 trip into the Caribbean on the beautiful ship Westerdam. We hope to see some familiar faces on board, as well as meeting some new friends. We love HAL ships and have spent over a year of our lives on them. Slinkie
  4. We've enjoyed the M&G we've participated in, and have enjoyed meeting some of our fellow CC roll call members. On a short cruise we may never see them again, but if we do, it's good to have a friendly face in the crowd.
  5. I've forgotten a clock too, but it was really fun shopping for one in a Mexican port with only my high-school Spanish to help me in a small variety store. More likely I'll forget a specific set of jewelry that goes with a formal outfit and nothing else. I do always bring the universally complementary ones. On one cruise to the mediterranean, I recall trying to buy some liquid makeup foundation, and ended up paying too much at a boutique shop. To assuage my guilt over that, though, I save the bottle and use it to dispense the cheaper products I buy at home, as I like the push-squirt top. Bedroom slippers, if you don't like the (sometimes complimentary) ones in the cabin. Also, if you are on a week or more cruise, you might consider one of those folding laundry hampers. I hate to forget that. Slinkie
  6. Grumpy1 and Slinkiecat - Maasdam - 18 March 2013 - 14 day Southern Caribbean
  7. We've been around the world and to some ports several times in Europe, but St. Thomas is one we've never seen. I've heard it is a great shopping area, so we'll see if there are some items we find lacking in our home to pick up there. If not, that's okay too. I guess the liquor there is duty free as well, and we can restock. That's the advantage of being able to drive to the port city instead of flying.
  8. Hi, Sails. We are booked on the March 18 cruise in 018, and trust that the AC will be working fine. We've found that it gets too cool on some HAL ships but can adjust our thermostat to make it more to our liking. Slinkie
  9. "Grumpy1 – Prinsendam – 12 Sep 10 – European Sampler segment of 28 Aug to 10 Oct" "Grumpy1 – Prinsendam – 26 Sep 10 – Ancient Splendors segment of 28 Aug to 10 Oct" Please add Slinkiecat to these listings. Thank you.
  10. I often have an appointment to have my hair done on formal nights, and the only time available is after 5, so when I'm going to or from the salon I often pass people already dressed for dinner. I always compliment them on their appearance. It hasn't occurred to me that one of them might be thinking about my own appearance two hours before dinner. If we have a cocktail party or other reception scheduled before dinner, we do get ready early. Otherwise it's a good time for a shower and nap.
  11. Please add my name to the listings for Grumpy1, Aug. 28 to Oct 10 on Prinsendam. Thank you.
  12. Oh, no way is Prinsendam too small! We have been around the world on her, then did some shorter cruises and a circle South America and Antarctica. Another cruise left Ft. Lauderdale to the Mediterranean and returned, crossing the Atlantic both ways. This is the perfect size ship. We're looking forward to our next cruise this summer, again a long cruise on Prinsendam.
  13. Grumpy and I are just fine, enjoying our new house and pool on a little lake full of wonderful wildlife -- turtles, big wading birds, ducks, frogs, and even a young alligator. We've been on two cruises this year -- a 50-day Mediterranean and Black Sea, and a 10-day Baltic cruise, both on HAL ships. Shortly after our return from the Baltic cruise, Grumpy had a total hip replacement to complete his surgical repair of a displaced acetabular fracture last Christmas. He is now walking without a cane and is able to do everything he wants. Taking care of both the condo and a house now keeps him busy, as he is also president of the condo association and is called on almost daily to address some needs there. I hope everyone else here has as full and happy a life as we do. We are so blessed. Our next cruise (tentative) is in June '10 on Prinsendam. Slinkie
  14. Please add Grumpy1 and Slinkiecat - 06/12/09 Eurodam Gems of the Baltic. Thank you.
  15. Please add Grumpy1 and Slinkiecat to Prinsendam - 03/11/09 - Grand Med and Black Sea - We are so pleased to know we will be able to join the group of HAL fans and especially Prinsendam lovers on this cruise.
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