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  1. Princess canceled my May18th Alaska cruise on April 14th, acknowledged my request for a refund, then tried to give me an FCC instead. Credit card dispute initiated mid-July, and was just notified that refund has been applied. I reckon about 120 days...too long. Won't be sailing with Princess in future.
  2. Well, I also got that e -mail, trouble is I asked for a full refund the same day Princess cancelled our cruise (April 14), and got an e-mail in response acknowledging my refund request. About 3 weeks ago I called Princess for an update and was told "Oops, we have you down for an FCC". They said they would fix it but that same day I opened a dispute with Citicard. I will have to call Citicard tomorrow and inform them of this latest development (they have already given me a provisional credit). Now even more convinced I will never do business with Princess again.
  3. JRICHD - I am in the same situation. I have a confirmation from Princess of my refund request, but when I called they said oops, they had me scheduled for an FCC. Have already filed a dispute with my credit card company. This was also for an Alaska cruise tour, scheduled to begin on May 18th.
  4. Cruise was cancelled by Princess on April 14th. I requested a full refund, and have a confirmation e-mail from Princess of that fact. When I called recently, they said "oops", they had me scheduled to receive an FCC. Said they would fix it, but meanwhile I have filed a credit card dispute. Princess sucks.
  5. Here's one that sounds new to me. Princess canceled my May 23rd Alaska cruise on April 14; and asked me whether I wanted cruise credit or a refund. I requested a refund and soon after received an e-mail from Princess stating "This is your Princess Booking refund request receipt", with a confirmation number. Called today to see how the refund was progressing and was told they had me scheduled for an FCC. How can this be, I asked, since I have a confirmation in my hand that promises a refund? They didn't know, said things were messed up and they would fix it. I don't trust Princess anymor
  6. Hello - I had booked my first ever Princess Cruise (Alaska, May 23rd) last December. Princess canceled the cruise, of course, and sent me a refund request receipt on April 14th. I had booked through Costco travel and they, likewise, sent me a cancellation confirmation on April 17th. I haven't done anything more, except this morning I called Costco Travel and the recorded message said refunds may take up to 90 days. Cruise was paid for with Costco Citi card. Should I do anything else, or just be patient? Does the 90 days start the date of the canceled cruise, or the date of the cancellati
  7. So I have filled out the form opting for a refund instead of FCC. The form asked me for my passport name, birthdate, confirmation number, sailing date and e-mail address. I promptly received a receipt with just my name on it and no other identifying information. Guess that'll have to do.
  8. @franktown; yes, I just looked at my credit card statement and it says Princess. Confusing since I paid with my Costco Visa card!
  9. I have already made my final payment (in February) for a May Alaska cruise that won't be happening. Payment was made through Costco Travel. I am a little confused about what will happen now. If (when) Princess cancels the cruise, will Costco refund me? It's hopeless to try to get through to Costco Travel by phone.
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