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  1. Lucky you! I'm seeing similar fare differences for our trip there -- they really don't want us heading back the day we return to Venice! Darn.
  2. Meanwhile, is there anyone out there who has stayed in the 2 BR Grand Suite on Rhapsody?? Trying to make sure that second bedroom/bath is not meant just for little kids.... I have a couple of tall young adults who need to fit comfortably 🙂
  3. Wow, amazing photos and review of your Dubrovnik visit, @Hoopster95. I will now have to go back and flip through the rest of the review just for fun. Our stop there will just be 11am to 7pm. Not long enough, I know, but hopefully this cruise will just be a preview for a separate trip to see more of Croatia, eg, Split and Hvar, in the future.
  4. Oops -- you're right. No experience with those specific rooms, but I'd imagine the light and noise considerations would be similar. Hope it works out for you, OP!
  5. Wow -- thanks for these Cruise Compasses! And ... done! (Now to make sure everyone can get the time off....)
  6. Another vote for Central Park balcony. Not too loud but still great lighting and fun to look out of.
  7. Right -- but then someone later in that same link says this: "We were on the rhapsody last week and the smoking areas are actually on the port side decks 5 and 9." And, lol, just got off phone with RC guy who told me smoking area was on port side aft Deck 11. Who knows!
  8. Thank you so much, @Hoopster95. We did look into the longer Med RC cruises, as well as Celebrity's, but this one worked best. And on the smoking -- the info out there seems contradictory, which is why I am asking. Port side or Starboard side? Would hate to be right near that.
  9. One additional question for now: where is the smoking deck on Rhapsody? And port or starboard side? Want to make sure our balcony does not overhang. Thanks
  10. Thanks so much for your guidance. I have read several of your prior posts and really appreciate the info. The sailing we are looking into does indeed include those three ports (wish Mykonos and Split were included; have already been to Athens). So, I know you are really into those corner afts. What thoughts do you have on the regular afts?
  11. Most likely, Croatia/Greece next summer.
  12. Yes, I see no walk-in closets here. The itinerary is so nice, so I think we'll survive 🙂
  13. Thanks so much, @hellsop. So suites get no special lounge/happy hour access? (We're not Diamond.)
  14. We've sailed only the larger/newer ships and now are hoping to venture out on Rhapsody for an itinerary out of Venice. I have read just about all I could find about this type of sailing but still have a few questions. Would appreciate any guidance! Trying to decide between Grand Suite 2 BR and 2 Junior Suites (aft). We have never had an aft balcony so it would be a first, though this would not be one of the coveted corners (but the huge balconies in regular aft cabins seem nice!). Any thoughts on extra movement/vibration in those? (We've always been midship -- though the Adriatic seems generally pretty calm, right?) We also have never been in a real suite (just juniors). The GS-2BRs are midship, and we would not get one on Deck 8 (because of potential pool noise overhead). I've read the second bedroom is tiny in these suites. Not a huge deal because of the living room area, but does anyone know about that second bathroom? Is the shower the same as in the regular cabins? Regarding suite perks, because this is port-intensive, I'd think priority tenders would be helpful but not sure. We know nothing about suite lounges (concierge lounges?) and timings of happy hours, so would love any info re those. (All I've heard is that they get crowded.) Are there hors d'oeuvres offered during those hours? Separately (but kinda related), with such a port-intensive sailing, does later dining seem the way to go? (If so, those snacks would come in handy.) We've typically ended up with My Time Dining in the end -- and likely will be eating at a few specialty restaurants -- but since we have options right now, just want to know what to go ahead and reserve. Finally ... silly question, but is there something like Sorrento's on board? Those late-night piping-hot pizza slices were nice to have on our recent Anthem trip! TIA
  15. We sailed last week out to Bermuda (not down the coast), and seas were just fine. Highest waves, I believe they said, were 7-8 ft. We could feel the side-to-side movement at that point (and saw the pools sloshing around), but nothing that bothered anyone in our party, including those who are more sensitive.
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