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  1. DPurcell58

    Escape to sail from NYC in 2018???

    just saw something about Escape coming to NY April 2018, anyone hear more?
  2. How did you get so many dinners? Was Ocean Blue included? I was on your sailing and heard it wasn't. We thought Cagney's was great. I'm sorry they are removing Uptown Grill. We found Spice /H20 in back of ship during the day, no need to pay for Vibe. There were chairs, bar, hot tub, waterfall for cooling off. Loved Howl at the Moon piano players, great! Customs was crazy getting off, not enough windows open, got a porter and got out.
  3. We sat up at Spice H2O, found a seat, bar, hot tub and waterfall to cool off at. It was very nice.
  4. Well the mother of a girl who is in the group on the ship said they heard the lady had passed, but that's girl what I'm seeing.
  5. They are due back in Bayonne 6am tomorrow morning. I really don't know the reason.
  6. because everyone saw the emergency and the captain keeps the passengers informed of what's going on.
  7. I believe they announced that the lady had passed away. very sad
  8. My friend's daughter is on the ship, she just texted her that a woman was pulled from the pool.
  9. DPurcell58

    Breakaway 71 - 7/10 Brief Review

    yes , in the winter I believe she does longer sailings to the Caribbean and also to Bahamas.
  10. What was bad about Brazilian place?
  11. DPurcell58

    Alpha Alpha Alpha Anthem :(

    The Captain and corporate make the decision where to head. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.
  12. DPurcell58

    Tell Me Something Good About Anthem

    Solarium,We Will Rock You, Jamies, North Star, Ifly, 270 and more. Enjoy!
  13. DPurcell58

    Alpha Alpha Alpha Anthem :(

    Praying for this child and his family. Let us know where you are headed.
  14. just booked today with friends for Aug. Did you miss not having a pool in the Vibe?? Still reading, your review and pics are great!