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  1. The crew member didn't stop long, immediately turning to yell for somebody to come and wipe up the steps. At the time, I was in shock, not thinking straight, and rather than see the ship's doctor, I went to urgent care in town.
  2. My husband and I recently got home from the April 17 Eclipse sailing, and quite frankly, neither of us will ever sail with Celebrity again. It started with a starkly noticeable decline in food quality and service since our October cruise on Infinity, Aqua cabins both times, so a true apples to apples comparison. Other than hummus the first night, spreads for bread in Blu quickly stagnated into an endless monotony of pureed corn, beets, peas, and/or carrots, pick two, served with by about midpoint on the cruise, often stale bread. Not even Olive Garden has the gall to serve stale bread. We also noticed that cuts of meat were fattier or not trimmed as well as they were six months ago, and there was a distinct lack of vegetables as sides, even if they were listed on the menu as accompanying the entree. We noticed that Blu seemed understaffed, with fewer waitstaff than there had been on the Infinity six months ago, covering a dining room that was approximately a third larger. There were occasions when we ordered a glass of wine with our meal that never arrived. This was bad enough all on its own, but not the worst. For us, the real end of cruising with Celebrity occurred in Maui. We had booked an excursion to see the sun come up over Mt. Haleakala, so we went down at 2 AM to catch the tender ashore. While descending the steps down to the tender, I slipped and fell, not once, but twice, on those wet, slippery stairs, in front of approximately half a dozen crew members. For the record, I had both hands on the rails, which is why I'm here with pulled muscles and a wrenched spine, instead of a cracked skull. Not one of the crew members that were there bothered to ask if I had hit my head, or did I want to get checked out beyond a brusque "You okay?". Nobody asked for my name or cabin number, nor did they ask the names and cabin numbers of any of the people who had seen me fall, much less any of the other information that would go into making any sort of incident report. When I went to make a report to guest services about the accident, the woman at the counter was completely disinterested in what had happened, asking if that was it when I told her what had happened. I ended up going to urgent care in Lahaina to see a doctor, where I was diagnosed with a wrenched spine and pulled muscles, along with bruises and abrasions from butt to shoulders. Frankly, the complete lack of concern for passenger safety appalled me.
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