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  1. Hi everyone. Does anyone know if you can use RCCL credit card rewards points on a Celebrity Cruise? If not, is there a Celebrity credit card? Thanks.
  2. Never thought of that. Looking at Independence. Does she have any obstructed view balconies?
  3. Never choose the Guarantee option before. If I pick a guarantee balcony is it possible I’d get an obstructed view? I’m D+ if that makes a difference. PS... I know I get a balcony discount but it could mean saving about $100. Thanks.
  4. I'm new to this buying stock thing & looking by buy some Royal stock. I know that you get some kine of onboard credit if you have at least 100 shares. Does the stock post dividends? If so, do you get both the onboard credit & dividend?
  5. I was thinking of buying shares too. Do the OBC start at 100 shares?
  6. My understanding if you didn't sign up for MyTime you can't use it but you can always go over & ask to see if they can accommodate you.
  7. Does anyone know what time to start looking for the Black Friday sales? Midnight?
  8. I like to link reservations because you can make reservation for everyone in your group not only dinner but for shows, excursions, etc.
  9. I do MTD every cruise. Link your reservations & make reservations for each night when you think you’ll want to eat. If you don’t show up your table will go to someone else. Also, just because you have a reservation at 7:00 you can still go at a different time. Hope this makes sense.
  10. Hopefully one more question. I received a RoyalUp email (YIPPEE) but it does state $200 double occupancy/pp for a Jr Suite... What if I'm traveling solo in a cabin - do they charge $400? Thanks.
  11. Thanks so much you’ve been very helpful. I’ll keep trying the link.
  12. do you have to sign up to get the email or is it a general email sent to everyone? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the link. So I have to wait until my cruise is 30 days out to bid?
  14. I saw this flyer earlier on the thread. When I clicked on the links I got "Page Not Found". How do you find our if you're eligible for the RoyalUp? How do I sign up? I'm sailing Majesty in December.
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