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  1. I just went to Plus Grade Canada's website, and they list Norwegian Cruise Lines (and Royal Caribbean) as "Partners." Once again, Jamie Logical is absolutely spot on!
  2. My banner and e-mail are back on MyNCL and still "processing." Things are not boding well for me...
  3. Oracer, I bid in poor to low fair range. The bid that I thought was accepted was in the low fair range.
  4. Was checking on my upgrade advantage bid (leaving on Sunday the 6th), and my banner and e-mail were gone from MyNCL. I went back to one of my upgrade advantage e-mails and accessed my bids that way - all bids were marked "expired" except one, which was marked "processing". I go back an hour later to check, and now they all say "processing" again. What is going on? Are they trying to kill me with anticipation - did I get an upgrade or not? No activity on my credit card yet. Shouldn't have looked...
  5. We are in a midship balcony and received an upgrade offer to balcony spa, but not aft balcony.
  6. We booked Escape to Bermuda in June 2019 using free airfare promo. First two passengers were free, 3 and 4 were around $400. We are able to fly in the day before by booking our hotel room through NCL. It was an additional $50 per person to fly in the day before if you didn’t add the hotel package.
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