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  1. When I was on BA in May on a 7-day, Rock of Ages was performed on the evenings of Day 4 and Day 5. Two performances on each of those evenings, at 7pm and 10pm. I don't know if they use this same schedule for all 7-day cruises.
  2. I was on BA at end of May, departing from Miami, on the Western Caribbean itinerary (Roatan, Harvest Caye, Costa Maya, Cozumel). All the responses here are correct. The tour operator is incorrect and is confusing you. They are trying to make you aware of the time zone difference, but they don't seem to realize that the ship time will be adjusted to local time. You will be notified to make the time changes in the dailies, as well as on a small card left by the steward on your bed (next to the towel animal if you're lucky!). So your scheduled Roatan port time is 10am to 5pm. These are local times (as well as ship times).
  3. On the Breakaway, Burn The Floor was 45 minutes, and Rock of Ages was 1 hour and 45 minutes. Don't know about Priscilla.
  4. But I'm assuming you don't buy the NCL Transfer and instead do self-disembarkation? Because if OP is using NCL transfer with the flight promo, then disembarkation for that group would be around 8 to 8:30 am. and a 10am flight would be cutting it close. But I think 11am would be okay. I used NCL transfer with the flight promo. We disembarked around 8am. Getting off the ship wasn't too bad. Had to wait on the bus for a while until it filled up. Only about a 15-minute ride to MIA. The bus made 2 stops. First stop was for passengers flying on American Airlines; took a little bit of wait time for the driver to unload their baggage. Second stop was for all other airlines. Then it was a loooong walk to the United Air Lines check-in area. We checked in by around 9:30 am for our 12:50pm flight.
  5. Just on the Breakaway a couple of weeks ago. Open for lunch on all days: Garden Cafe (11:30am - 3pm), O'Sheehan's, and Margaritaville ($14.95; 12pm - 4pm). Additionally, open for lunch on sea days: Savor (12pm - 1:30pm), Shanghai's (reservations only; 12pm - 2pm), Ocean Blue (a la carte; 12 - 2pm) and Wasabi (a la carte; 12 - 2pm). Had lunch at O'Sheehan's on 3 days. (1) Around 12 noon on the first sea day; 20 minute wait. (2) 2pm on a port day; 10 minute wait; (3) sat at the bar around 3pm; no wait. Food always came quickly.
  6. Just returned from a Breakaway cruise a couple of weeks ago. "Resort casual" wear (i.e., shorts, T-shirts, etc.) is allowed in all dining venues except Le Bistro, Ocean Blue, and the Manhattan Room (one of the three MDRs), where the dress code in those 3 venues is "smart casual" (long pants, collared shirt, closed-toe shoes for men, etc.). I ate in all 3 of those venues and I wore a decent pair of blue jeans and sneakers.
  7. Just on the Breakaway last week. The Dailies listed O'Sheehan's breakfast hours as 5:30am to 11:00am. Not open on disembarkation day.
  8. I assume you already have a "myNCL" account on the NCL website? You can log in, view your Vacation Summary, go to 'Explore and Plan', select 'Entertainment', find "Velvet" and Select it. Then you'll see the booking options. It is a dinner and show, cost is $29.99pp plus 20% service charge. Currently I see that reservations are available on all evenings of that cruise (from May 26 through June 1) except May 31. There seem to be 3 shows per day, at 5:15pm, 7:00pm, and 8:45pm, although I can't be absolutely sure, as all 3 times do not show up on every night, so the online booking slots for some of those times may already be filled up.
  9. I'm sailing this Sunday on the Breakaway. I had taken the "free" airfare as one of my package options. I'm flying also from Newark to Miami. They booked me on United, non-stop, regular Economy (not Basic Economy), with assigned seats. Flight leaves EWR at 9:45am and arrives in MIA at 12:50pm. Sailing departure is scheduled for 4pm, so I was very concerned about the tight timeline. However when I called Norwegian's air transport department, they assured me the MIA arrival time was within their cut-off time, and there *should* be no problem. Guess I'll have to wait and see whether this was a bad decision or not. If I had paid the airfare myself, it probably would have been about $450pp round-trip. It appears that American Airlines has the only other non-stop flights from EWR to MIA. Also, after receiving the flight details, I was able to go to the United website, and upon entering the confirmation number, I had the option of changing my seats to any available ones.
  10. Reading through the Fodors' article cited by OP, it provides links to the CDC website and the actual Inspection Report of the Breakaway on March 10: https://wwwn.cdc.gov/InspectionQueryTool/InspectionDetailReport.aspx?ColI=MTkzMDA3NjM%3d-0si0vlo9zng%3d. And also the Corrective Action Statement by NCL: https://wwwn.cdc.gov/InspectionQueryTool/InspectionCorrectiveActionReport.aspx. I found it to be interesting reading. As stated by CDC, they do not verify that the deficiencies have been corrected by NCL until after they conduct the next scheduled or follow-up inspection.
  11. Is it possible to get two wifi accounts for one stateroom (such as, one account from the free perk, and an additional account via purchase), in order for the two occupants to each use one device at the same time?
  12. Yes, at least it is in my case. Once you receive the flight information, you can go to the airline's website and search for your flight details using the confirmation number. Then you can change your seat(s), or also upgrade to premium economy seats if available. This process works the same as if you booked the tickets yourself. I selected the "free" airfare perk for an upcoming Breakaway cruise. They assigned me to a non-stop flight on United, from EWR (Newark, NJ) to Miami, on the day of embarkation. Return flight is also nonstop. The tickets are regular Economy, not Basic Economy. I guess I won't know until the actual event to say for sure if this perk was worth it.
  13. Thanks for a great review. Comprehensive and objective. I'll be be doing this BA itinerary in just a couple of weeks, and your review helps my planning.
  14. ErLee, Have a great cruise! My wife and did a 15-day Princess Connoisseur cruisetour in July 2015. Itinerary was very similar to yours. Northbound from Vancouver to Whittier, with the same port stops at Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway, and then scenic cruising in Glacier Bay and College Fjord. Our land lodges were a little bit different: 2-night stays each at Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge, Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge, Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, and Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge. Hope you enjoy it much as I did!
  15. I'm on the May 26th cruise out of Miami ("7 Day Western Caribbean"). Our situations are a little bit different though. I was asking for an upgrade within the same stateroom type, i.e., Balcony (from mid-ship to aft), while you are trying to upgrade to a different type (OV to Balcony). Maybe that's why they're not being as generous with your case. Can't hurt to keep trying. I'm sure it must also depend on whichever rep handles your call, if it's not your PCC. (My original PCC who booked me no longer works there, so I was dealing with a random rep in this instance). Enjoy your cruise!
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