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  1. ready4funryou

    Private tour to St. John from St. Thomas

    Not sure, we'll be on Carnival Breeze. I didn't realize there are two ports..
  2. Looking for recommendations for a private tour. We would love to snorkel some the areas around St. John. No more than 10 to 12 people . From St. Thomas. Not till Feb 2020..
  3. ready4funryou

    St. Thomas/ St. John snorkeling

    Looking for either two couples or a family of 4 to go out from St. Thomas on a private tour to snorkeling St. Johns islands. With Palm Tree Charters. . It's not till Feb 8th 2020 on the Breeze. . Please only serious snorkeling contact me. Must down deposit with them As well as us. We're a couple in our 50's. But love to snorkeling. Thank you
  4. Hey guys, we're very interested in doing this excursion on a private tour or less people. But I noticed they all offer hotel pick up. Has everyone gone from the cruise ship with local vendors. And if so who and was it worth it? . Please and thank you
  5. Hey guys, we're really interested in doing this. But as I look it up, they all say hotel pick up. Do any of them pick up from cruise ship. I like to take private excursions. Not through the ship. Is the ship the only way we can go. Any suggestions and what company if so. And was it worth it. Please and Thank you
  6. Looking for a private, non guided excursion. We're not beginners, so we would love to enjoy our time snorkeling. We'll be on the RCC, in April. And tours suggestions. Please and thank you
  7. ready4funryou

    Cozumel or Belize

    Thanks for all your suggestions. It was a great help
  8. ready4funryou

    hiring a driver for the day

    Ok thank you.. I'll definitely call him
  9. ready4funryou

    Hiring driver for Cozumel

    Does anyone have any suggestions for hiring a private driver. I have search around, but finding alot of older suggestions. We're leaving in April on the RCC . And like more of a private car, verus ship excursion. And any places, that are a must see.. please and thank you
  10. ready4funryou

    hiring a driver for the day

    We are going to Cozumel, in April, and would love to hire a private driver. I noticed alot of these posts are old. Any recommendations. I've Roger number, is he still in business? . Or any other suggestions. Please and thank you
  11. We love to snorkeling, seems like Cozumel as a awesome place to snorkel, so my question is , is belize or Cozumel better ?. Looks like belize is harder to get to. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. ready4funryou

    Caribbean Cruise

    Thank you all for your recommendations. I'll definitely do that
  13. ready4funryou

    Caribbean Cruise

    Looking for a great Caribbean itinerary. Great snorkeling and tourist culture sites. We like a cruise with the most amount of ports, for a 7 day cruise. Any cruise ship recommended is appreciated. Any cruise line as well.
  14. ready4funryou

    Confused/ Help?

    Oh i see.. thanks so much for your reply.. wow right in the middle, I'm going to have to take a better look
  15. ready4funryou

    Confused/ Help?

    I just called and found out they are changing Ports on the Liberty . From St. Kitts to Antigua ... I know it's the capital of St. John...so here's my question.. In St. Thomas we're going to take a ferry to St. John. so I confused of where we would dock? And is that on the other side of St. John? Should I change one excursion to St. Thomas and a different one on ST. John? Thanks for any help New at this