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  1. No, and after reading this thread I don't expect it. With my sailing on Harmony, all of the suites are sold out for our week April 14-21. I find it strange that none of the other Oasis Class ships have their suites sold out for that week. This happened to us last year on the Anthem on the week of Spring Break. It turned out that Star Jones was getting married on the ship and booked several suites for her guests. I am now wondering if there will be another celebrity wedding on board this sailing (or an anniversary party.)
  2. What did you bid on if you don't mind me asking? We sail on Harmony in 5 weeks and put in the max bid for the 2 bedroom Aqua Suite. So hoping that we get it. Have fun on your cruise and I will happily follow along.
  3. Silly title, I know. Does Izumi Hibachi on Harmony of the Seas have the Yummy Yummy Sauce that many Japanese steakhouses carry? It is the mayonaise based pink sauce that is so good.
  4. I also recommend those restaurants and hotels. If you go to Grills, you must try the Key Lime Colada. It's my favorite drink of all time.
  5. At the time we booked, the 2 bedroom ATS was not available for that date (Spring Break). After getting this offer, we realized how nice Star Class would be. I will keep everyone posted.
  6. I am curious to see how Royal Up works. We are on the April 14th Harmony cruise in a CLS. We put in the maximum bid for a 2 bedroom Aquatheater Suite. We had the choice of a 1 bedroom ATS, 2 bedroom ATS, SLS and Villa Suite. The Royal Loft Suite did not show up. I am not at liberty at this time to say how much we bid, but it came in as a strong bid. The 2 bedroom ATS was the only room that appealed to the 4 of us. Our kids liked that there was a second bedroom and not a pull out couch. Keeping our fingers crossed, but we will be happy with our CLS if it doesn't come through.
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