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  1. OK thanks. Are there any draft beers available?
  2. Thank-You. I am presuming 12oz is bottle and 16oz draft. My husband will be disappointed if these are the only draft beers.
  3. I will be boarding the Veendam in 10 days and had a couple of questions. What are the current beers on draft? What tea brand is currently being offered (I drink black tea English Breakfast style). Thanks!
  4. we were thinking of the thermal suite on a Christmas Veendam cruise as we do not have a balcony and wanted to have a space away from the crowds. I know the thermal suite is smaller but would you recommend it. Does it get so busy you cannot find a bed?
  5. Thanks for the suggestion this may be a good option
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. Pretty open to what I do. Do not like large tours with the cruise ship and being hurded off and on coaches. Small or private tours are fine. Not one to just sit in sun all day either need shade or something active with walking or hiking. Love the water though
  7. My husband will be Scuba Diving in Tortola and I am looking for something I could do on my own. I have been to the baths twice so looking for other options.
  8. That sounds pretty good. Found out today my TA has been fighting with HAL which is why I have not yet received my revised pricing. They removed some of my shipboard credit. TA said they would reach out tomorrow with final price and shipboard credit.
  9. Oh that is not good. I have no perks but a lot of shipboard credit, some from cruiseline and some from TA, so we will see how that goes. No sure why my TA cannot send out pricing yet.
  10. I noticed that pricing is now available on HALs website for the 12/18 cruise. So I reached out to my TA who advised that they will be contacting me in 7 to 10 business days with the revised pricing. Do you think they will offer lower pricing than is available on the site or do you think we will just be offered the current rate?
  11. Sounds like a very fair discount. Do you wind me asking which date are you cruising?
  12. it is odd that for the same cruise people are being informed at different times
  13. Yesterday I received notification/a letter from HAL via my TA that my revised pricing and finalized itinerary for the December 18th 2019 cruise would not be sent to me until early July. I find that strange as others already are advising their have pricing.
  14. I am also on the Veendam Christmas Cruise which had 3 days in Cuba and already has HMC as a stop. Just waiting to see what the new itinerary and pricing will be before making a decision. I hope HAL offers similar discounts to the other lines. I know we already have an additional $100pp shipboard credit but would need to see a bit of a price reduction to keep this booking.
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