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  1. Just off the Sunrise on Thursday. what room #’s are you looking at, that would help us to help you.
  2. We just got back on Thursday as well. Overall great staff and food, no real complaints. We have another Sunrise cruise booked for next summer. If you like omelets for breakfast then you will like that they about 4 stations open in the morning. The least busy being in the cucina and seafood shack. What I loved was that you could also get other fixings with you omelet on the side, I dont remember this being offered on my other cruises. I felt our cabin was on the warmer side but it didn’t impact anything overall. The layout is a little funky with having a restaurant midship and having the mid elevators tucked behind the casino, but after a couples days we got used to the layout and were fine. We loved the stadium style seating on lido, was perfect for watching movies. Everyone’s tastes are different, I would recommend giving it a chance, after all, you’re still cruising.
  3. Fishbowls are not pre-mixed in a jug or watered down. We had several on our last cruise and the only thing in the jug was the sour mix, like a typical bar. The bartender loaded up a shaker with ice and alcohol and then put the sour mix in. very strong and excellent. For roughly $20 I feel its a good deal, even more so when it’s on special!
  4. I will hijack my own thread... I was looking at the other activities they offer but the info was fairly vague. Do you recall a couple specific additions that you enjoyed?
  5. Looks like most NY public schools get out around June 26th. We would be going on the 15th sailing as my kids get out on 12th.
  6. Looking for thoughts on doing a 9 day Journey cruise out of NY on the Sunrise early June 2020. I sailed out of NY on the Splendor and did not have any issues with crowds or overwhelming rudeness. That being said I have never done a journey cruise and wondering if the crowds are different between journey vs shorter cruises out of NY. Is the crowd usually older, less kids, etc? Anything I should be aware of with such a cruise?
  7. Great, thank you very much for the info.
  8. What did you all use for a ride service, Uber, taxi, other and may I ask about what you paid to and from the Manhattan terminal? Thanks!
  9. Actually you can choose between a souvenir and non-souvenir glass. We got the souvenir glass which is why I was asking if I could bring mine on my next cruise.
  10. Great review, love your outlook, thank you for taking the time to write the review. Did I miss the ‘more later’ part about the Eric Clapton guitar?
  11. Maybe it was because we tipped the bartender ( Karen on Pride is awesome) but there was plenty of alcohol and juice. We felt it was well worth the money, to each their own, right.
  12. you can choose any of the non-frozen mixed drinks that are offered in the red frog pub. The red frog pub, not the bar, is the only place that fills it.
  13. Loved the review. We were just on July 28 Pride cruise. Great to see Karen from the Red Frog in the background, Anthony aka Lord Bingo and Fluffy (what up, Fluff?)
  14. To clarify, I bought the souvenir one with the logo which I used everyday and took home. If I go on another cruise could I still use that same one instead of getting a new one?
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