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  1. Oops... Sorry for putting the wrong date in my original post. We are looking at the summer of 2019 not 2018. Thanks for the feedback on the differences especially regarding the covered pool and promenade deck. On the website there is a different deck plan starting the summer of 2019. Does anyone know if there will be any significant changes made when she moves to Alaska? A covered pool and promenade deck maybe lol? Sounds like that would be the best of both worlds!
  2. Having only sailed the Caribbean this has never been an issue bit wondering if pools are heated during alaskan sailings - specifically Royal and/or Golden. Sorry if this is a silly question but I couldn't find an answer anywhere!
  3. Yes, there are different deck plans based on sail dates. I wonder what's changing, if anything?
  4. Yes, we are looking at the summer of 2019... Never too early to start planning, right?! 😎😎 So looking for opinions on Royal vs Golden since they both have the same itinerary, that I can see. Also, from the website it looks like the Royal might be getting some changes over the next year but I can't be for certain! :)
  5. Greetings! It's been a while since we've cruised and we'd be newbies to Princess! We're looking at a multi generational Alaskan August 2018 sailing. I've narrowed it down to the Golden vs Royal Princess since we want a Saturday sail date. The itineraries appear identical that I can see so I was hoping for some feedback as to which would be best for a group of all age groups. The youngest would be 6 and the oldest 78. We've cruised Carnival, RC, and Holland in the past with Holland being our favorite for adults and carnival for a family. I'd love to hear the major differences between Princess and those 2 lines. We're still in very early planning phase so any tips would be appreciated!
  6. Oops - I think I sent my message without refreshing my screen :o I really appreciate your clarification. That is what I thought but wanted to be sure. Happy cruising!
  7. I think I might be confusing my question :o I just want to know if you can walk all the way around the UPPER PROMENADE deck on the Noordam - ie is there a public deck that wraps the entire UPPER PROMENADE? I can't be for certain from the pictures on the deck plans on the website. It looks from the pictures that the only deck area is in front of the cabins, not under the life boat area. Does anyone so for sure? Thank you!!:)
  8. Yes, I see the Promenade Deck is completely walkaround, but what about the UPPER PROMENADE deck? Can you walk all the way around on this level? On the deck plan website, it doesn't look to be a complete wrap around, but I wanted to be certain. Sorry for the confusion and thank you for the clarification!!
  9. Does the UPPER PROMENADE level on the Noordam have a complete walk around deck? Thanks for the clarification!
  10. We are looking to book a cruise on the Noordam and have a few questions about the rooms. A few years a ago we sailed the Veendam and our room was on the Lower Promenade deck which was open to walk around. I can't tell from the pictures whether the Upper Promenade on the Noordam is open to all or is it restricted to those with cabins in that area? We had an obstructed outside room but we could go right out the door and be on the deck. I was trying to find a similar room on the Noordam. We don't spend a lot of time in the room so I don't really need a balcony; we for certain do not want inside because we enjoy natural light; but we like quick easy access to an outside deck. Any suggestions on what might best suit our needs? Thank you for your expert advice!!:)
  11. Thanks. I checked the website, but not being familiar with all the ships, I couldn't be for sure that all were listed. Darn, I would've even done Bermuda again ... I will check back in a few weeks. What about August - September ... any hopes of warm destinations from US ports? I see in 2013 there is a Panama Canal cruise that looks rather interesting. I wonder if this will be repeated next year?! I can only hope. I appreciate the quick feedback ... I have a glimmer of hope!
  12. Are all HAL itineraries finalized for May-June 2014? It's been a while since I've cruised and we have a voucher we need to use as it will be expiring in the next couple years so I was looking at options for next May-June. Wanted a warm destination with embarkation from the US but that doesn't appear to be an option :( I was hoping maybe not all the ships itineraries were posted yet ;) Thank you!!
  13. We are sailing the Mariner on Nov 20 and will be in Cozumel on Nov 25. I am trying to arrange an excursion and the tour operator asked which pier we will be docked. I have been unable to find which pier. I saw that there are a "zillion" ships in Cozumel that day but the website I access doesn't list the actual pier. Please let me know if you are aware of a way to find out this information. Thank you!!
  14. Is there 24-hour frozen yogurt on Mariner of the Seas? I read something about the Arctic Zone by the pool area having frozen yogurt but not sure if this is just during certain hours of the day. Thanks!
  15. We are by Cedar Creek Lake ;) We cruise most every Thanksgiving because it is the only time everyone can get off of school and work at the same time. My sister & nephew from PA will be joining us. We will have 16 in our group. Can't wait!!
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