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  1. You can bring as much as you can carry. In fact once we were in Athens on the Quest a woman ahead of us had just shopped at the Duty Free shop on the pier. She had so much liquor and carry on luggage that she had difficulty navigating the gang plank, so one of the Azamara security staff helped her carry her packages onto the ship.
  2. I decided to double check the ports on 4/27/19 and 5/12/19 since external websites differed from what Bonnie has said. Azamara Customer Service just responded that the 4/27/17 sailing will be from the Osanbashi Terminal in Yokohama and on 5/11/19 the Quest will dock at the Harumi Terminal in Tokyo, and not in Yokohama, which is about 40 miles from Yokohama. The Quest will sail the next day from the same terminal in Tokyo.
  3. Bonnie: I am really confused about this response. I've checked multiple sites and each indicate that the Quest will sail from the Osanbashi Pier in Yokohama on 4/27/19 but according to Azamara's website it will overnight in Tokyo on 5/11/19, and sail the next day from Tokyo. For those on either sailing, including those of us doing a B2B it is critically important to have the correct port information and locations in order to reserve local hotels and DIY shore excursions. The Azamara website does not list Tokyo, or Yokohama as embarkation ports further adding to the confusion. I have email's Azamaracustomerservice multiple times and they promised an answer by the end of October. Can you definitely find out the correct cities and terminal locations for us ? Thanks.
  4. It really depends on the duration of the cruise and the itinerary, but on our 39 Azamara cruises we have never had a problem despite the variety of ages on board. We have made many lasting friendships with fellow passengers and try to coordinate schedules with them. On cruises when we sailed alone we were presented with the ability to make many new friends. If you are tired on " big ships " you will enjoy Azamara.
  5. Just did cruises on both the Pursuit and Journey, and received 2 card holders on each cruise. I plan to add them to the extensive collection we've gathered over the years. I'm sure that Guest Services would give you as many as you want. Have never had a problem getting nibbles in the Discovery Bar, or any other watering hole on Azamara. The Journey and Quest have many nibbles that include peanuts, cheese and olives. On the Pursuit Christening cruise there were so many planned activities that nibbles were not required but they did have lots of passed snacks. The logistics of getting on / off the ship in Greenwich are very challenging but the HD ands staff were on top of it and it went very smoothly.
  6. BillC

    Luggage tags?

    Usually the ordering function shows up about 45 days before your sailing. They are mailed within the next few days.
  7. We did the Black Sea 5 years ago ( before all the problems ) and it was fantastic ! The only bummer was Constanta, which was worse that when we were there two years earlier. I'd stay on the ship if I went back. The itinerary was R/T Istanbul, which is still great but you have to be a little more careful now. The ports are really great. Go, and enjoy !
  8. No, reservations can only be made on the ship. Depending on the port there will be a table at the pier check in, or there will be a reservations table either as you enter the ship, or in the entry to the buffet. Write all the room numbers for your party and give it to the person manning the reservation table. Ask for adjoining tables, if possible.
  9. You will do better by posting this on the Roll Call for the date of your cruise.
  10. Anybody have any background information about Captain Toledo ? Captain Sanguineti was a captain on Oceania's Riviera most recently. To answer another posed question Captain Johannes is going home for a well-deserved vacation after being on board for the entire World cruise.
  11. BillC

    Azamara cruises

    Sometimes the M&M is held in the living Room but the balance of that area is still open to the other passengers. Most times it's held in the Caberet, but at a time when it would not be scheduled for an open event. I have never been bothered by having rooms blocked off.
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