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  1. Does anyone know if cabin #7440 on the Liberty is couchless?? And if so, which wrap-arounds on that ship have a couch? Thanks a bunch!
  2. Thx we will be staying on the Legend in Jan.
  3. On Carnival which deck is best for selecting a wrap around? Verandah, Empress or Upper? I know the balconies are larger but are the cabins slightly larger? They appear to be shaped differently so I was just wondering.........

    Which airline do you fly for your cruise?

    Northwest is with whom I rack my miles. Although USAIR is starting to catch my eye!

    Airfare - Best way to book??

    We also booked the air ourselves. The cruiseline wanted to charge us $838.00 for air for the both of us. We booked it for $409.00 for the both. You do the math!!! :- ) However, We are flying into Tampa from Michigan. In January the weather here can be very risky. We are taking early flight out THE DAY BEFORE the cruise, thus giving us plently of time to make it.

    Just got upgraded

    We will be flying into Tampa. I booked our airfare last night as a matter of fact. Now to find a hotel since we will be flying in the night before.

    Just got upgraded

    My bad! I meant Queen Victoria. I will have to look that ship up. Why am I already trying to plan our next cruise????? Sssshhhh I can't let that get out LOL!!! I just love to travel. Girl, January can't get here soon enough. George loves the H2O or shall I say being on/by the H2O; he just can't swim a lick. Listen - I am at work today so that's why my reply was delayed. Here is my email address feel free email me so we can continue to converse and take this off of the "public forum" since we have gotten off topic. lol. chickp@umich.edu look 2 hear from you soon.

    Just got upgraded

    OMG!!! Thats 2 funny George does not know how to swim either! We wont be doing any water activities either. I read to him the part of your email about not "overwhelming" Ed and he said..... "Now see thats a good woman!!" He's all for that. He's all about chillin' which isn't so bad either. You say my cruise is right around the corner but it seems 4-ever away........ Now I meant to ask you earlier.....Whats the "Queen Mary?"

    Just got upgraded

    Funny - I am planning on doing the same thing. Actually I called JBOY earlier today to get a price list and they said just to let them know what I wanted, pay for it, and they would have it delivered to the cabin. That however is more along the lines of alcohol. I did view Carnivals Bon Voyage Page and thought that their fruit and Cheese basket would be a nice surprise as well. It must be a guy thing. George is not as excited about the cruise as I am either. Im sure I mention it EVERY DAY!!! He probably could only name 1 port. He says it doesn't matter as long as were together and relaxing.
  10. CLOVER

    Just got upgraded

    I've been on NCL before. You will have a nice time. It's been a few years but it could have only gotten better. We stayed in a balcony. The cabin was beautiful. Dark wood, frosted glass doors, it was really nice. I prefered NCLS balcony over RCCLS balcony that I had stayed in prior to. This is going to be my BF's 2nd cruise but his first balcony; thats why I really want it to be nice. This will be my 7th or- 8th (all of my prior were with my ex-husband, guess thats why I kinda lost track huh) :- ) -Paula
  11. CLOVER

    Just got upgraded

    Not a BEAM!!! LOL I hope not either - That would be horrible. I would be teased about that the entire 7 days. Now you I have to call Carnival to ask. :-) I see you have been on Princess. How was it? Atmosphere/Age etc??? -Paula
  12. CLOVER

    Just got upgraded

    Anyone stay on Carnival Legends 5299 (Upper Deck)?? We were just upgraded to that room. I was not real eager to take it but the agent said it was an extended balcony; (Never had one of those b4 :- ) But I was not to certain about being at the back of the boat....... Let me know what you know!!! Thanks!!! - Paula
  13. Hello All- We will be cruising on the Legend 1/20/08 and I will be using priceline to bid for the hotel since we will be arriving the day before. My questions are as follows.... Is shuttle service provided from the airport to the hotel? Are all the hotels close to the port? And finally is shuttle service provided from the ship to back to the airport upon return for any or all of the following hotels? The hotels up for bidding are: Westin Harbour Island Hotel, Hyatt Regency Tampa, Marriott Waterside and Shearton Tampa Riverwalk. Thank you in advance!! -Paula **1/20/08 Legend Western Caribbean** 5220 Balcony