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  1. My wife and I are mid 40’s and I think will be on our 7th Celebrity cruise next week. We typically always cruise longer itineraries in February. We already have two more booked and if history repeats itself will book another while on board. We frequent the bars, pool, activities, and meet plenty of fun and nice people regardless of their age. Bottom line you can have as much fun as you want in many different ways. We enjoy escaping the winter, quality meals, adult beverages, and above average service so Celebrity meets all of our needs. I wouldn’t get hung up on the “older demographic” that everyone references.
  2. Thanks so much Jim this is very helpful!
  3. Has anyone experimented with the best areas to get signal strength and optimal bandwidth on any of the S class ships and ideally on the Silhouette? We have used the Internet periodically on prior X cruises on our phones and iPads with a small package. We will have the unlimited package for our upcoming cruise so I plan to bring my laptop and was wondering if anyone has successfully used WebEx or GoTo meeting while at sea? Does anyone know where the best place is for signal strength and bandwidth? Thanks.
  4. Right on ghstudio Celebrity may have the worlds smallest olives....🤣
  5. Both of these responses are what I wanted to hear thanks much!
  6. Does anyone know if you can take a jar or two of unopened olives on Celebrity? We will be going on our 7th Celebrity cruise next month and always get the premium drink package to enjoy dirty martinis as well as many other beverages. The olives have always been a major disappointment so I was thinking of taking a jar or two of jumbo queens with me this time if permitted. I have asked many different people on many ships if they have larger olives and they do not.
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