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  1. Besides being expensive, I thought there was a post earlier on the board that indicated that the delivery of the first Icon Class will be in Q3 2023 due to impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Is this an older article or is that earlier statement no longer accurate? I was really encouraged to have seen some posts here showing some of the blocks being delivered. Have there been more delivered since and is there any updated progress? Enquiring minds want to know 😃
  2. Does anyone know where on Decks 15 and 16 smokers are allowed on Oasis? It's not shown on the deck plans. I'm not a smoker, but we have friends that are. I'd love to mark-up a deck plan to show them designated areas. Any photos of the designated smoking areas on Oasis would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I’m really looking forward to seeing these blocks come together. Hopefully that’s soon!
  4. I’m not sure. A lot of Oasis is open space, with boardwalk and Central Park. that said, if they go tall, they must go wide. Time (or more recent plans will reveal the truth.
  5. Thanks for the update Lloyd! What do you suppose the 3-tiered structure is in the backround after the pieces of the hull? It would seem early to have a piece like that for Icon all set to go. I would expect more hull pieces to come.
  6. I wonder how the layoffs will affect this build. Right now, with no end in sight to the freeze on cruising in the US, there’s probably no rush to complete this work. it costs money to keep these ships running even when there are no guests.
  7. I'd love to see the '21 Itineraries finalized 😔😂
  8. I'd love to see 230K tons.That would make her bigger than Oasis class. 200K Tons puts Icon in alignment with what was said a while ago. She will be larger than Quantum Class (roughly 168K tons) and smaller than Oasis Class (roughly 227K Tons). This also means that design should be completed by now (even if finishes aren't selected and colors haven't been set). But they already know what the spaces will be. Does that mean that we should see some sort of reveal soon? That would be a nice boost for cruising at a time when the news has been mostly negative.
  9. I'm looking forward to seeing her come together. RC has been talking about Icon forever. If nothing else, it'll provide a distraction to the current environment. Can't wait to learn more 🙂
  10. Interesting.... I thought that the steel cutting ceremony commemorates the fist cut of the first piece of steel. A lot of times, it's remotely done. Maybe it's just due to our unusual times. Hopefully they have a keep laying ceremony. Any idea of when this might be? Hope that you're safe and well!
  11. Thanks Lloyd! This made my day 🙂 Without an open bay in the shipyard, where are they putting this and other mega-blocks? Also, I don't recall seeing anything about a steel cutting ceremony for Icon. It would have had to have taken place several months ago in order to get a block this size together at this point and I would have expected some sort of press release. Did I miss something?
  12. Maybe they'll move a Quantum Class down there (yes, I know they're traditionally thought of as colder weather ships), and bring the Icon to New York. There isn't a Quantum Class leaving out of Florida, so it'll be like bringing a new ship to the market. We love our Anthem of the Seas, but we'd love to have Icon come out of New York.
  13. Going back to several screenshots and posts. Our good friend Lloyd posted this screenshot from the shipyard which shows that GT will be around 232 GT. I wouldn't go by any other numbers (205...250).
  14. WOW! I'm obviously just getting caught up Lloyd, but if that's not a typographical error, that would make Icon larger than Harmony and other new Oasis Class ships by about 9 GTs! I thought that this one was supposed to be somewhere between Oasis Class and Quantum Class ships in terms of Gross Tonnage. I'm looking forward to the press releases which will probably start to come out somewhere around steel cutting (right?)!
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