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  1. My wife and I are Elite Plus, we recently booked a sailing on the Equinox (17 September 2021 sail date) We’ve sailed on 38 cruises (on Celebrity), but the “New Celebrity cruise Line” does not appear to have the same ethics and professionalism, as the “Old Celebrity Cruise line.” Celebrity's new “Move Up” process, is totally insane!! Celebrity has placed placed extremely high of minimum bids for all the cabin upgrades. If you placed the minimum bid, it would cost me more money for the upgraded cabin, then if you would have purchased, that cabin originally. We have placed numerous bids to upgrade our original cabin (on Celebrity) and never had this problem. We just sailed on Allure of the Seas (August 15, 2021 sail date). Our original cabin purchased was for inside, we placed a $220.00 bid (total for 2), for a Central Park Balcony. The bid was accepted two prior to sailing. The minimum bid was $100. Here’s what I’m talking about your “Move Up” process: For our September 17th cruise (Equinox) we paid $869 (per person) for an inside cabin. For us to upgrade to Aqua Class, you have a minimum bid of $700. Adding my original purchase price and the bid comes to $1,569. Today I can purchase your Aqua Class room for $1,399 (on Equinox). The ship is sailing at 50% capacity, upgrading should be inexpensive. Is Celebrity trying to go out of business? Because this process makes no sense at all!! The “Old Celebrity” was the premier of the cruise line industry, which is why we choice it for our main cruise line. I sure do not like the way things are progressing with the new one. As of today, the plan is to cancel this cruise (Cruise with Confidence).I't's a shame what their CEO, is doing to a once great cruise line. Sincerely Richard Kelley
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