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  1. courtyard marriot on 1st ave.close to von's, beach and aquarium.
  2. get some spicy pigeon peas at the pub.after 1 p.m..free just ask.on the breeze ,hope on other ships too.
  3. tango55

    Montego Bay

    take a cab.dr.cave beach can be crowded.we went to the right towards the breakwater.get there early to save your piece of sand.
  4. only been to glacier bay.very impressive.if it's very foggy the ship may not go up the inlet.also note that only one ship can enter and leave before another can come in.also we went sept .9 we had a couple bad sea days ( north Vancouver island-haida gwaii).getting hit broadside by the big waves.our bed was port to starboard.we had a great sleep but people with beds bow to stern were being throw out of bed.the side to side motion i'm guessing.dress warm too.wind chill factor.
  5. we head down a day early when leaving from l.b..head over to von's for supplies.lot's of beaches near by.the ship is 10 minutes away.we stay at the courtyard Marriott.try to relax and not stress out.trying to fit everything in may not work.go a day early.pura vida
  6. just back from the ruby (jan.26-feb.2). room #a341.3 days of toilet problems.other people had toilets overflow.very unhappy with princess response.having to go to a public restroom was not what my wife and I wanted to do.no suction in the toilet.maintance would manually flush it.then it would stop working.internet system was new on the cruise.lot's of people complaining about the slow connections.besides these problems the cruise was great.did stone island and took the bus up to buceris in p.v.
  7. bank rate of exchange is different from the rate us common folks get.canadian dollar dropped 73 cents to the u.s. dollar.it cost us 1.44 c to a u.s. dollar at the bank
  8. instead of heading to the malecon ,could we catch a bus near the port to visit bucerias for the day.11 hr. stop on the ruby.any tips for a beach restaurant too.thanks tango55
  9. you should see los arcos coming into cabo (depending when you arrive) and see it going out.we are there jan.26 on the ruby .we arrive at 11:am.later than we have been there before.the boats looks old but they are made for the waters.they do it many times a day.we will a trip on the panga to los arcos then over to mendano beach.if you have a camera worth protecting bring a large baggie for protection .stay in the back too,not as much spray.have a great cruise.it can be calm waters going there too!!
  10. the malecon is before the golden zone (shopping).vendors on the beach can be a nuisance.just say no gracias amigo.heading there on ruby .jan26.p.v. has a great malecon.no traffic.have a great trip
  11. not many cruisers are hurt ine.but places like san jose costa rica,roatan there have been tourists killed or attacked usually outside the resort areas.21 cruises and many land vacations.on a mex cruise (ruby) jan.26.scariest place for us was new Orleans.
  12. the murder rate is per 100,000 .cabo has the highest per capita.mexico makes the top 4.brazil and south Africa have more murder but pop. is a lot more per city.
  13. depending when you are sailing you might factor in fog delays.5 hr. wait on the breeze in jan.18.
  14. depending on the height of the kids it could be a problem.the water can be over 5 ft.our last trip was cancelled to wind in g.c. on another visit the water was deeper.i'm 6'2 with the waves it was fun but not for small children.went to rum point after that.enjoy your cruise
  15. turn left when you get to the main st..lot's of garden's,fountain's,sculptures.1/2 mile of a malecon.flat ground.enjoy
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