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  1. Would this itinerary be markedly better (other than 2 extra days, which is always a plus)?: Date Port Arrival Time Departure Time Mar 14, 2022 Yokohama, Japan -- 7:00 pm Mar 15, 2022 Shimizu, Japan 10:00 am 6:00 pm Mar 16, 2022 Cruising -- -- Mar 17, 2022 Takamatsu, Japan 8:00 am
  2. Hello, fellow cruisers! I am considering my (and my group's) first ever trip to Japan in Fall 2022. I know it's not cherry blossom season, but the timing just works best for us, at least for the time being. I'm wondering A) if October-November is a good time to visit, and B) how you would rate the following itinerary. I'm worried that it goes too far south (taking a day to sail there/back) and thus misses some of the "mainland" highlights. Are the southern stops of Ishigaki and Okinawa worthwhile? Of course, we would couple this cruise with several days on land before or after the
  3. Thanks for spelling it out! When does the 125% FCC come into play?
  4. I believe there are options to enjoy a one-way boat trip with public road transportation back to enjoy some of the stops between the two towns. I would never, ever recommend doing the boat trip both ways, either.
  5. 3 hour boat trip each way. I think it’s doable if in port a while. https://www.fjordtours.com/things-to-do-in-norway/fjord-cruises/fjord-cruise-alesund-geiranger-alesund/
  6. Has the "sail by" date of Sep. 30, 2022, for the 125% FCC been moved forward at all during this process, or has it remained constant? Of course the cruise on which I would love to use my 125% credit is in October 2022. 😡
  7. Look for a cruise that stops in Alesund, and you can book a fjord cruise from Alesund to Geiranger the day you are in port. That was my plan for the May 29, 2021, cruise on the Reflection, which will sadly be cancelled (most likely).
  8. Use a travel agent! And not a "Big Box" agent, as you won't get as good of personal service. These people are hurting right now and would love to help you out. I decided to become an Agent, as I had been doing this type of work for my family and friends for years, for free. Setting up a group involves a lot of details and check-ins, which a good agent will provide. I'd offer my services, but I am not allowed to. 🙂
  9. In layman's terms, which direction has better potential for smoother sailing?
  10. Thanks. I remain optimistic that by early next year, all vaccinated travelers will be allowed to travel to New Zealand. If not, then something went horribly wrong, such as ineffective vaccines or uncontrolled virus mutations. Time will tell.
  11. Just curious, how would you compare the fjords in Chile, Norway, New Zealand, and Alaska? Which are the best?
  12. Thanks! I am from So. Il originally. Good to have someone in the area. I’ll let you know if we end up going down under, and you can join our group. We’re a nice bunch.
  13. All of these itineraries are for 2022. God help us all if this is still true in February 2022.
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