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  1. Thanks - they were more expensive than the other 2, not by much...but I saw where someone mentioned coupon codes for them. This will be my 1st solo cruise and I want to make sure I get everything lined out in time!
  2. How far ahead do you recommend booking a parking space? I'm cruising in October. It looks like park/cruise and Falstaff are close in price, but I'm thinking I would be willing to pay the extra for a Falstaff shuttle to and from the ship.
  3. This - so much love....well, I didn't have to wear a hat and gloves except Easter - but I had to sit there 3 times a week in a dress; people dressed in suits and nice dresses to fly - we had no cell phones or computers or HD TV's or cable. Things change. I'm a nurse and OMG how things have changed in medical care - do you really want to go back to THAT? The cool thing is - we all have choices. Right now I choose Carnival because it's closest to home and relatively affordable. Table cloth? I'm the person who would stand up at the table and end up pulling it halfway off before I realized it was caught!!! I would SO MUCH prefer they maintained somewhat of a dress code in the MDR - but meh - what someone else is wearing/ doing doesn't change my life unless they are the drunk old lady all dolled up for elegant night falling over me in the show!!! [true story] Someday when I have free time to travel and money to blow, I would like to cruise on a ship a little more elegant than Carnival and smaller and not so rowdy. I spent enough time being an officer's wife to EVER want to play dress up and look at me...my spandex support and high heel days are over. Cruise on...and hurry up October 10!!
  4. If I haven't said it before - THANK YOU for posting your Glory review and funtimes and drink menus... I'm 16 days away from my cruise and looking forward to it so much! I'll normally be sailing out of Galveston, but got a chance to go on this one with a friend. Never turn down a cruise opportunity!
  5. Good points - but no matter what they offered [short of a free cruise and reimbursement for this one] I doubt some people would have been happy. Personally - I think they should have passed out obc and/or free drinks to the people NOT in the crowd...don't compensate people for being *******s!! but the squeaky wheel....I wasnt there, so not my monkey. It did remind me [as a new cruiser] that crap can happen - I'll take an extra book, some dramamine, wine and m&m's in case I can't get to the bar to use my cheers!
  6. The steakhouse dish sounds delish! I love carpaccio, love horseradish....and the horseradish cream...yum! I'd love to have it. Was it an amuse bouch or a regular serving?
  7. Just realized....no one started the complaint with I am diamond or I am platinum...
  8. I would have felt threatened by an unruly mob - hands up/yelling demanding the captain... isn't that how mutiny starts?!!! [jk about the mutiny part...]
  9. large mob of people at the guest services chanting with their arms up ('We Have Rights' was the one we heard) and there was pushing and a lot of anger. Cruiser's lives matter too darnit!
  10. From what I've found they upgraded cheers to include anything by the drink under 50$ is this still current? What is this drink that would be close to $50? I'm intrigued.
  11. Awesome review!! I'll be on similar itinerary [Amber Cove] in just 30 days!!! Looking forward to it so much. Thanks for giving me more to look forward too!
  12. You would also think the OP would have called to ask the question...oh wait, they did and were told it was correct... I agree that the website should be correct and the customer service response should be dependable. So I also agree that since you can not depend on accuracy at those levels - you should get screen shots, names, ID number, and possibly even record the calls. Which is what the OP was advising.
  13. we are sailing on Saturday! So excited. I'm mostly interested in knowing how the service was - rooms and food does it feel crowded? As of today, there are only 24 rooms not booked and I bet they fill those up! Is it just swarming with people everywhere? I'm hoping for some peace and quiet maybe on Serenity...
  14. Moving on Dad, thank you for your VERY insightful assistance!! I actually got very good ideas from helpful people and was so afraid that I'd be completely beat up!! My concern is for tablemates and staff - no excuses offered for my own behavior. I recognize passive aggressive...and I recognize arses...:rolleyes:
  15. I agree with this - it dulls the edge of awareness when 75% of people are "allergic" and then someone who truly is allergic may not get the attention to detail they need.
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