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  1. i would think comparing Celebrity and Carnival might be apples and oranges
  2. i need to be using mine better! I've been trying to pay down my cruise and haven't used it as you are saying.
  3. but those things don't adversely affect the sea turtles - it's those pesky plastic straws. insert eye roll....
  4. This!!! my pet peeve - a local restaurant that doesn't have straws, but serves everything on styrofoam.
  5. i like Guy's for what it is - a hot fresh burger, - best enjoyed when you missed breakfast and can't stomach the view of the buffet. The buffet is difficult for me even when it's fresh.....MDR, pizza or Guy's
  6. In and out does a great lettuce wrapped burger - they have that skill down - but are they better than any other? mmmmm I would go to whataburger for a #6 combo - In and out doesn't have bacon - who doesn't have bacon!
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