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  1. You can get good prices you just have to look for them. I just booked a 7 nighter on the Oasis in Nov 2020 for $1126 with our balcony discount. The fact that both the Mariner and the Harmony are in PC and the New Coco Cay has a lot to do with the pricing. The Empress and Majesty can be had at rock bottom prices also.
  2. You can go to the cage and get vouchers for the machines. If not Prime or above they will charge you 5%. The least money you can take is $50.
  3. Once all the passengers and crew are accounted for the ship can leave.
  4. Ocean view cabins on deck 9 are the old SO cabins. They are normal size and a nice layout. But they will have the life boats from the deck below. Doesn't really obstruct the view except straight down.
  5. On the Empress did they have a specific place for the "happy hour" like a diamond lounge? Or was it just 3 drinks anywhere?
  6. We are debarking in Cape Liberty on Thursday May 21, 2020. Can I book a 10 AM flight out of EWR? Domestic not International . And we have TSA pre/check.
  7. Plenty of good deals with group rates. But you have to shop around. Group rates are also (usually) refundable (until final payment date) deposits. But some agencies charge a cancellation or change fee.
  8. If you book with Royal using an interline price you better have proof you work or retired from the airlines. If not you will be paying brochure rates on boarding day. Or you will be denied boarding. Seen this happen with some home based agencies. That don't educated their agents well.
  9. The only rooms that have balconies on the Majesty are suites.
  10. The Oasis will be fully "amped" at that time. I would think It would be the best. But it is sailing from Miami. I drawback for some.
  11. We had it set up to get one on the Ovation 07/12/19 But the Casino made us an offer we couldn't refuse so we got one from the Majesty.
  12. These are very good rooms. They are a little larger than most of the other rooms.
  13. To all those that think this must be a Royal Caribbean conspiracy. If Royal passes up a port. It is for a very good reason. Just read the contract you signed to print your set sail pass. Royal (or any other cruise line) has no obligation to take you to any port. Whether you booked it specifically for that port or not. And you agreed to it or you wouldn't have a set sail pass.
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