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  1. The Seattle take over will be done July 4th. You can take that to the bank.
  2. I'm sure there will be some changes in the future. Regarding the Diamond lounge and it's capacity. Might be some changes to the Suite Lounges too. A lot of Pinnacles have been going to the Diamond lounge (myself included) Royal might refuse them entry to the Diamond Lounge. Which will cause the SL to be more crowded. I believe the days of a full (standing room only) lounge are over. The concierge will have to count those coming and going. We will find out Aug 2 on the Harmony.
  3. I just heard from a Headliner they want him back for Aug 1, 2020. I doubt Royal is paying him to entertain crew.
  4. There are some changes. You will have till March 31 2022 to use you prime free cruise. If you earn 2500 points from when they sail again till March 31 2021. You will get another free cruise. If you want you can use them for a B2B cruise.
  5. Stop arguing on here, whether it's 100 or 120 days. That's not going to matter. As we type, the cruise ships are going in circles a few miles off the Florida coast. Most if not all have active Covid 19 cases. They have no passengers, just crew. If they can't keep the crew members from getting and spreading the virus. How on earth do you think they can take on passengers. I keep as rosy an outlook as I can. But the only way these ships are going to take passengers. Is when instant tests become readily available at a reasonable price. It could take a month it could take 6 months. The c
  6. I guess free isn't always the best.
  7. Do you have immunodeficiency due to the diabetes? I would think that if your blood sugar is under control, a doctor will sign off on it . But I'm not a doctor.
  8. That is entirely up to you. But you must be super-human. To be over 70 and not have a doctor.
  9. They are only asking the doctors to certify that you don't have the stated illnesses. Not that you will not get sick. There is no liability to the doctor (unless they lie). As for those of you that are "outraged" Did you ever apply for a life insurance policy?
  10. I had one cruise about 6 months ago . That I earned 813 points on. They gave me one of those worthless certificates with no name, ship or sail date on it. My wife had a $400 off certificate. So I figured I'd combine them and take a 4 or a 5 night cruise. I called they told me I had only earned a $100 off certificate. That my total points for that cruise was 799. I complained and the person on the phone told me they would flag it for a "review", But it would take about 2 weeks. In 2 weeks I called back and was told there was no record of the call. And that they would submit it for a review, tha
  11. They have screwed us around this past year also. We cruise a lot 20-25 cruises a year. So we don't have to gamble a lot on any one cruise. After fighting with them numerous times about totals. I gave up the quest to make Signature for my wife. She has 19,000+ points with 3 weeks of cruises to go, before March 31. I have 9,000 points so far. I get 10 times the offers she gets. We both play mainly slots, plus a little lower stakes table games. After April first we are going to do it right. We are on a 12 nighter in the spring. and a 12 nighter in the fall. This should be enough for bot
  12. Do they offer luggage valet service in Cape Liberty?
  13. Some ships used allow you to occasionally bring a guest into the Coastal Kitchen. But lately most do not.
  14. They put on quite a show. To my wife and I, they were better than Patti LaBelle and Michael Boulton. I wonder what front row stage right seats would have gone for at their concerts?
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