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  1. There are some changes. You will have till March 31 2022 to use you prime free cruise. If you earn 2500 points from when they sail again till March 31 2021. You will get another free cruise. If you want you can use them for a B2B cruise.
  2. Stop arguing on here, whether it's 100 or 120 days. That's not going to matter. As we type, the cruise ships are going in circles a few miles off the Florida coast. Most if not all have active Covid 19 cases. They have no passengers, just crew. If they can't keep the crew members from getting and spreading the virus. How on earth do you think they can take on passengers. I keep as rosy an outlook as I can. But the only way these ships are going to take passengers. Is when instant tests become readily available at a reasonable price. It could take a month it could take 6 months. The cruise lines will have to screen crew at least twice a week. And all passengers before boarding. When the anti-gen test becomes available that could lighten the load somewhat. Due to those that are immune won't have to be re screened.
  3. I guess free isn't always the best.
  4. Do you have immunodeficiency due to the diabetes? I would think that if your blood sugar is under control, a doctor will sign off on it . But I'm not a doctor.
  5. That is entirely up to you. But you must be super-human. To be over 70 and not have a doctor.
  6. They are only asking the doctors to certify that you don't have the stated illnesses. Not that you will not get sick. There is no liability to the doctor (unless they lie). As for those of you that are "outraged" Did you ever apply for a life insurance policy?
  7. I had one cruise about 6 months ago . That I earned 813 points on. They gave me one of those worthless certificates with no name, ship or sail date on it. My wife had a $400 off certificate. So I figured I'd combine them and take a 4 or a 5 night cruise. I called they told me I had only earned a $100 off certificate. That my total points for that cruise was 799. I complained and the person on the phone told me they would flag it for a "review", But it would take about 2 weeks. In 2 weeks I called back and was told there was no record of the call. And that they would submit it for a review, that would take up to 7 days. There were only 30 days to book the cruise using the certificate. On day 29 I called back settling on using the $100 certificate. I told the person on the phone what had gone on. She said she was going to put me on hold for about 5 minutes. When she came back she had the $200 certificate to apply. Not 2 weeks not 7 days. But 5 minutes.
  8. They have screwed us around this past year also. We cruise a lot 20-25 cruises a year. So we don't have to gamble a lot on any one cruise. After fighting with them numerous times about totals. I gave up the quest to make Signature for my wife. She has 19,000+ points with 3 weeks of cruises to go, before March 31. I have 9,000 points so far. I get 10 times the offers she gets. We both play mainly slots, plus a little lower stakes table games. After April first we are going to do it right. We are on a 12 nighter in the spring. and a 12 nighter in the fall. This should be enough for both of us to get to prime. For the other 20 or so cruises. The casino is going to be off limits for us. We plan to end the year with 2600 points or so each. The $ off certificates are almost useless, because you can't use them on the cheaper group bookings. The Club Royale Offers are rarely a bargain. They give you $150 off but the cruise is double what you can book it for elsewhere. Leaving Sunday for 2 weeks. Don't plan on playing except for the Blackjack tournament.
  9. Do they offer luggage valet service in Cape Liberty?
  10. Some ships used allow you to occasionally bring a guest into the Coastal Kitchen. But lately most do not.
  11. They put on quite a show. To my wife and I, they were better than Patti LaBelle and Michael Boulton. I wonder what front row stage right seats would have gone for at their concerts?
  12. Just got home yesterday after 2 weeks on the Symphony. Had a great time. The extra events were handled quite well. We got in line for Hall and Oates before 5 pm and we got front row 3 seats from the center section (which was reserved for Michael Bayley and company. We did notice a few "privileged" people walking up front wondering why there were no seats reserved for them. And I thought to myself they should have waited in line with everyone else. Royal had people going down the line telling everyone "seapasses" only. Even if you had your Pinnacle badge, you needed your seapass. The gifts they gave us were nice. And a special crystal block was given to those whom attended the Pinnacle lunch on the sea day. My wife caught the flu on the 3rd day (even though she had the flu shot) We went to the infirmary they tested her and told her not to leave our room, till they cleared her (she really wouldn't have wanted to go out anyway) . We spent most of our "happy hours" on deck 4. And while crowded it could have been much worse. The bar in the hallway did a lot to alleviate the wait for drinks. Went to Dazzles once (our cabin was on deck 8. ) It didn't seem crowded at all. There were a few gaffs during the cruise. Seemed to me (just my opinion) that there were more than a few crew that were not fully trained. During the Pinnacle lunch the wait staff never offered wine to the captains table. And Captain Rick had to go get it and pour it himself. We were not at that table but close enough to see it unfold. This was our 3 Presidents cruise. We would go on another but not when they are in Europe. One thing we learned was not to book cabin 8695. The first BW balcony cabin from the elevators. It is next to the pantry for Dazzles. So a lot of noise (banging etc.) till well after midnite. The first week we just thought we had noisy neighbors, but by the second week I did call guest services at 1am and found out what was next door to us. We normally never complain. We know you hear the music from Dazzles and the Aqua theater show. But this seemed like they were coming through the wall.
  13. John. Quiet!! LOL. Those CP and Boardwalk views (insides) are a closely guarded secret. See you tomorrow.
  14. I while ago I tried to book into a group rate for a Dec 06, 2020 sailing on the Oasis. I was informed that they would not honor our balcony discount, because the price was cheap enough. I went to another vendor online and booked using our balcony discount. It was their loss. As to why they wouldn't They told me there would be a cocktail hour. I don't need or want a cocktail hour. I can use either of the lounges every night at zero cost.
  15. We always bring our own plastic straws. Metal ones can be dangerous, if you lose your balance and fall. Royal just gave in to the mob mentality. Without researching much. They use single use plastic cups, single use plastic flatware wrapped in plastic, Single use lids. Single use water bottles, Etc. (I could go on and on). They recycle all plastics. If someone is caught throwing anything overboard. They risk being put off at the next port. Royal wouldn't go against the PC culture. I'm sure this will not stop at straws.
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