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  1. Right, I was hoping for confirmation on the specific type from either of those places from people who actually boarded successfully.
  2. Hello Cruisers! For those who sailed out of St. Martin since they have started back up, what specific types of tests were you successful in presenting to board. We used ID Now to get our EHAS completed successfully, but not sure it 100% meets the boarding requirements. We're looking forward to getting back on board and don't want any last minute missteps. Thanks for the help and we hope to see some of you on the Summit this Saturday!!
  3. First, congrats on the Royal Suite, you're going to have an amazing experience. Most of your questions have been expertly answered already I see. I will add that Luminae is also available just for suite guests and I generally enjoy their lunches more than many of their dinner options. Ok, mainly I go for the specialty burger they offer at lunch! :) I don't remember there being a bar you can sit at in the retreat sundeck, as I would have certainly done so if that was an option, but they were very quick with drink orders. They likely have a bar setup just inside they utilize. There is plenty of room up there and great views. I'd also reiterate that you should tell the shoreside concierge about the birthday celebration. They will usually do something fun for you that day. Enjoy!
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