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  1. I believe I've been on 19 cruises. My most recent ones with Holland and Princess, I certainly didn't notice any disembarkation calls in my cabin before 730. If they were in the hallways, I slept through them. If they came after 8, then I'm probably already in the dining room at a reasonable time before they close.
  2. Just get social (assuming you have Facebook messenger and/or Whatsapp) and let your kids know that's the ONLY way to reach you. You'll save 15% booking it before departure. https://www.carnival.com/internet-plans/social-wi-fi-plan-SRA
  3. But what if it doesn't??!?!?!?! I am NOT missing last breakfast in the MDR! 🙂
  4. I always go as well. Since we have to be out of our rooms at 8, there's no reason to trickle in just before 830. We get everything set the night before. I usually set an alarm for 730, and since we're 98% packed and ready to go, we're always at the MDR well before 8.
  5. Go to your check-in documents. Press the "print" option (you dont need to actually print them) and you'll be able to see the credit.
  6. I'm ok this ship too. I've never seen a full dining room before at lunch and this is my 19th cruise. They were also saying that the rooms wouldn't be ready till one. We got on at 12 and after striking out at the MDR, we went to our room (mini on deck E) it was ready. Also only one drink coupon. Not a great start. We did the Eurodam 1nighter last weekend and it was way better. Also, check in was pretty funny... I think there's more Plat/Elites on this ship than reds and blues.... more people were going to the priority line than the normal line.
  7. At Galveston with a 1230-1PM window, is there any point to arriving before that? Are they generally/sometimes/never ahead of schedule? We're flying in the day before and staying at the 4 Points on the beach, so if we're most likely to wait, we'll just putter around there, but if we're likely to get on earlier then I'd like to head to the ship. I know there's no way to guarantee anything, but I just want to play the odds and I'll be ok with waiting if things don't work out. Actually, how about FtL as well? Do they tend to run ahead of schedule? I think this whole appointment thing might push most people back so there might be a chance to squeeze in a little before noon.
  8. FWIW, you don't need it. I just use faxzero to send in my brokerage statement, with the cruise details and my info on the cover sheet.
  9. 21 to Vista, 57 to Magic, 188 to Spirit, 361 to Mardi Gras (and 2 to the Star Princess, but that doesn't count)
  10. It's also a good idea to print out everyone's room # on an old fashioned sheet of paper. If you've got inexperienced cruisers, then adding the telno (for example to get room D501 you might need to dial 12501) can help as well. Markings on the door are great but if someone doesn't know the room number then they're still going to have a hard time finding it. The info can also be stored on a note on a phone. Some cruise ship doors are magnetic, so we sometimes see kid's fridge magnets spelling out names and such.
  11. I used a PVP for my first few. My first booking was with family so she helped get us together. She was also a big help when we booked a large group of my wife's parents friends and family for my FiL's 60th birthday. (8 cabins or so ) She got everyone pretty close together with zero work on my part. Since I was organizing for a bunch of ~60-year olds, most of them non-travelers, it was nice that I could just tell them "Call this person at this number / extension and pay for your cruise." The annoyance was that every time we logged in to look at something, even if we were just causally browsing with no intent to travel, I'd get calls the next day on my home number, my personal cell, and my work number, from her, saying that it was a great time to book because of... reduced deposits/etc. It was pretty annoying. To the point where I wouldn't use the Carnival site because I didn't want to trigger multiple voice mails (and emails) the next day. Nobody likes conflict so I didn't want to tell her to stop calling every time, I just stopped using the Carnival site for a while. Now I use a large warehouse club's travel site and get a gift card, plus 2% back. And now I can log in to the Carnival site... the calls all stopped the day I booked the first one with the warehouse club. If I was booking for a large group of technophobes again, then I'd use a PVP, but other than that, I'm happy with the kickback $ from the warehouse club.
  12. Can someone check my math? I'm at 37 points now. If I do a 6 night, 7 night, 10 night, and 15 night, then I'll have my 75th night on the last night of the last cruise and get Plat benefits for it? It's not 75 nights THEN Platinum on the next one, right? I'm pretty sure I understand this, I just want to be 100% sure.
  13. Will the OBC be visible somewhere on the Carnival website? I had a look and couldn't find a place that OBC would be listed. I've used it with Princess a couple of times, and Holland once now, but not yet Carnival. We booked through Costco so I can't access the Payments portion. It's been about 7 days since I faxed it in. Do they generally send a confirmation if sucessful? Oh... and my score so far: 2018 - $50 on Princess (1 day) 2019 -$50 on Princess, (1 day) $50 on Holland (1 day), $150 on Carnival (5 day and 7 day, once these two show up) 2020 - $350 on Carnival (10 day and 15 day -- as long as the program continues) Total: $650 TIA
  14. I should add that I did get a confirmation email 6 days after I sent the fax. Just in case anyone was wondering what the lead time is right meow.
  15. I'm only doing a 1-night Seattle - Vancouver.... so not much time to fix anything. I am seeing the credit in my account online now. Have you had instances where you see it online but it doesn't show up on the cruise? I'd figure at this point there's not much that can go wrong.
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