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  1. I haven't.... but given how quick they respond right now, I'd think your chances are good. Do it ASAP if you haven't already. My last one was sent on Feb 18 and was confirmed Feb 20.
  2. I'm sure it varies, but I think it's usually one of the earlier sea days. The breakfast is usually one of the last sea days.
  3. On the Vista, was offered morning or evening, requested both, and only got mornings until I asked at guest services if "both" was really an option. He also missed one morning completely. Lazy room steward. On the Magic, requested both and got both.
  4. They also had a table set up to register after the Dr Seuss parade on my last cruise.
  5. Yes, same for me. It wasn't about value.... it was about how bad the soda is on board. Getting a hot soda poured over ice, instantly the ice is gone and you've got a watered down soda that's not all that cold. Even worse is getting the bottom half a can that's been sitting open since the last person ordered. And then there's the looks you get from the bartenders. Order one soda on the bubbles program and you'll never see them again. Ordering in the MDR is usually a hassle. I'd rather just bring a couple from my room. I'm fine paying $120 for a week's worth of soda... but not when it's terrible and a hassle to order.
  6. Not worth it to me. I usually get on with luggage, go to the MDR for lunch and put my bags off to the side. By the time I'm done my lunch, my room is ready. And I don't have much luggage, I give as much as possible to the porters. If I have to go to the customer service desk, I go at night. And I try and avoid ports that are tendered. But I can certainly see that others might find it worthwhile. At $50, I'd be tempted. At $100+, not so much.
  7. Looks like you're missing the s at the end. airreimbursements@carnival.com
  8. My tickets had a cancellation fee of $75CAD each. I had 3 one-way tickets there and 3 home, so a total of 6 tickets. I cancelled the tickets and sent the cancellation receipts to Carnvial. They responded that they couldn't see the original itineraries so I'd have to resubmit. I resubmitted on Monday with the documentation that showed the original bookings. Given that he last turnaround was about a week, I should see something on Monday or Tuesday. You might want to change your tickets to somewhere you do want to travel to, even non-refundable tickets can often be changed for a fee. Any unused value in cost difference, you might be able to retain for another flight. If you flat-out can't change them and won't use them, then you can cross your fingers that your airline changes it's schedule. United, for example, will give you a full refund, even on non-refundable tickets, if the departure or arrival changes more than 2 hours, and you don't want an alternative flight. Even for changes of 30 minutes to two hours, they will consider a refund if you can convince them that the new times don't work for some reason. I've used this to get a refund on a non-refundable ticket then rebook at a lower rate. With nearly a year before your flights, there's ample time for a beneficial schedule change.
  9. It saved me money last time this happened to me. United changed thier direct flight from morning to evening and rebooked me onto a connecting flight in the morning. I called United and said the schedule change didn't work for me, cancelled the ticket and got a full refund. Then booked the evening direct flight at a lower price. I saved almost $400. And the evening flight was better. Itmeant that we could fly on disembarkation day, not stay overnight for the direct flight the next morning. I try my best to avoid connections.
  10. I got my official notice from xxxxxxxxxxx Note there is no outright promise of a full reimbursement for airfare, a new cruise needs to be booked within 60 days to get the $100/pp OBC, and the cruise itself has to be within a year to get 25% off. Dear xxx xxx Traveler,xxxxxxrxxl received the following itinerary change in regards to your Carnival Mardi Gras sailing.Please be advised that Carnival has been informed by officials at the Meyer Turku shipyard that delivery of Mardi Gras will be delayed until the end of October, 2020. Mardi Gras will begin service from Port Canaveral on November 14, 2020. Unfortunately all cruises scheduled to depart prior to this date will be canceled, impacting your reservation to sail with us.Below is some information to help you know what to expect and assist in your planning efforts:1) Your existing reservation will be automatically canceled and a full refund of your cruise fare, including applicable taxes, fees and port expenses, and any pre-purchased items (i.e., Carnival Vacation Protection and shore excursions), will be issued to your original form of payment. (Note: This also applies to Early Saver reservations. Refunds could take up to three weeks to process through your bank.)2) You will receive a 25% future cruise credit (FCC) on any Carnival cruise booked in the next 12 months (by December 20, 2020).3) Rebook your cruise using your 25% FCC by February 18, 2020 and receive an additional US$100, per person, onboard credit for that cruise.4) Please present this letter to your airline carrier to help obtain a refund or credit for your unused air fare. If you are unable to secure a refund or credit voucher, please contact Carnival with this documentation for consideration. They are in the process of reaching out to their airline partners to alert them about this change of plans and to encourage them to work with you.5) Should you wish to reschedule your non-refundable air, we will reimburse airline change fees up to US$450, per person (flights to Europe) and US$200, per person (domestic US flights), in addition to any expenses for non-refundable hotel reservations guests may incur. Please submit receipts to airreimbursements@carnival.com.Since Carnival is automatically canceling your reservation and processing refunds, there is no need to contact us to request your refund. Please contact us should you wish to take advantage of the 25% FCC and the US$100, per person, onboard credit.If you have any questions, please call xxxxxxxxSincerely,XXxxxxx
  11. Wow, this is pretty disappointing. My family was booked on the 15 day NYC to Port Canaveral run and really looking forward to finally getting to the Southern islands. The itinerary was awesome, some of our favorite ports and a few new ones. I have 3 ticket booked via Aeroplan in business class (with lie-flat beds) from Vancouver to New York, then after the cruise from Orlando to Toronto in economy and then Toronto to Vancouver in lie-flat beds again. We had extra days booked on either end to explore NYC and take my kids to Disney. My youngest will be just short of 2 years old so he would have still been a lap infant. We are also going to be at 60 nights getting on, so my wife and I would have turned Platinum and my boys would have turned Gold. We were considering it a 10 year anniversary trip. (It was slightly early, because if we waited till our actual anniversary, then we would have had to get a 4th ticket for my youngest since he would have turned 2.) Hopefully the cover the ticket cancellation costs. Maybe the next Mardi-Gras class ship will have a similar itinerary in a few years.
  12. I'm glad I snagged the 15 day NY-Port Canaveral run while it was still available. It goes all the way down to Aruba and Curacao, which are new ports for me. As well as stopping at my all-time favorite port, (so far) St Maartan. Out of the two itineraries after it arrives in Port Canaveral, neither are all that appealing. I just like to spend time on the beach, and in the ocean, and only one stop on each of those offers that right at the port. I'd probably go Western. There's a beach right at Mahogany Bay, there's lots of beach clubs a short taxi ride away in Cozumel, and I've only been to Costa Maya once, so I wouldn't mind going again. There are a couple of variations...... on Jan 2, 2022, there's a 6-day Eastern cruise with Nassau, Grand Turk, and Amber Cove. And on Dec 18, 2021, there's an 8 day Eastern cruise to Grand Turk, Amber Cove, San Juan, St Thomas.
  13. If there's a line for GE at the terminal, it will work. There wasn't one last time I was in Galveston (Nov) but there was one in FLL Terminal 4, which is where the Magic lives at the moment.
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