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  1. I was a little concerned about the price protection, but I booked on the Mardi Gras and there were only a few rooms in my category that were left despite the cruise still being 9 months away. I've been watching rooms vanish on that cruise since the first successful vaccine trials were announced, and once they sell out then there is no "price protection" anyway. If rooms drop considerably, I can cancel, lose the half price deposit, and rebook. So I'm not totally out of luck. But overall, the risk was worth the free drinks to me.
  2. Just don't change her name on her ID until after the cruise.
  3. Taxes are not included - but taxes are only charged while in US ports. Or in US territorial waters, or something like that. So expect to pay a few cents when in US ports. Tips are a little less clear... when you buy the package normally, you're charged an 18% service charge for gratuity. Hopefully when they're giving us the package for free, they're also giving the same money to the bar staff.
  4. Independent TA. Not sure how it happened.
  5. Well, I managed to get it. I've got two kids so I thought I might be out of luck. But I booked myself into my sister's room, who is a solo traveler, and her RU1 code was applied. It's about $60 more money pp than the cheapest rate, and we lost the $50pp OBC. But $110 for the drink package is worth it for me. I'll probably only have a couple drinks a day but I like to have pop. So my wife is booked into a room with our two kids. Since they're just 2 and 5, they'll be fine on the bench bed together end to end. My parents didn't have any code showing when we were searchi
  6. The big question for me would come down to price. But "One room vs connecting" and "Regular vs Family Harbour" are two separate questions. The ocean views (or maybe it's only the "deluxe" ocean views) have a bench for one of the beds, plus a 2nd partial bathroom. That's where there's a lot of value for young families who need more space than an interior but don't quite need the space of two cabins. From there, it's a question of whether the family harbour rooms are worthwhile. When we went on the Horizon in Oct '19 and Magic in Nov '19, it was more than $30/
  7. Oh, I wouldn't care at all if the kids get no drink package, they just drink milk and apple juice anyway. A room for them alone would be hundreds more.
  8. It's too bad that the discount only allows two people in a room. I would book today. I've got two kids (who obv wouldn't be drinking any alcohol anyway) and I don't quite understand why the offer is limited to double occupancy only.
  9. I haven't.... but given how quick they respond right now, I'd think your chances are good. Do it ASAP if you haven't already. My last one was sent on Feb 18 and was confirmed Feb 20.
  10. I'm sure it varies, but I think it's usually one of the earlier sea days. The breakfast is usually one of the last sea days.
  11. On the Vista, was offered morning or evening, requested both, and only got mornings until I asked at guest services if "both" was really an option. He also missed one morning completely. Lazy room steward. On the Magic, requested both and got both.
  12. They also had a table set up to register after the Dr Seuss parade on my last cruise.
  13. Yes, same for me. It wasn't about value.... it was about how bad the soda is on board. Getting a hot soda poured over ice, instantly the ice is gone and you've got a watered down soda that's not all that cold. Even worse is getting the bottom half a can that's been sitting open since the last person ordered. And then there's the looks you get from the bartenders. Order one soda on the bubbles program and you'll never see them again. Ordering in the MDR is usually a hassle. I'd rather just bring a couple from my room. I'm fine paying $120 for a week's wort
  14. Not worth it to me. I usually get on with luggage, go to the MDR for lunch and put my bags off to the side. By the time I'm done my lunch, my room is ready. And I don't have much luggage, I give as much as possible to the porters. If I have to go to the customer service desk, I go at night. And I try and avoid ports that are tendered. But I can certainly see that others might find it worthwhile. At $50, I'd be tempted. At $100+, not so much.
  15. Looks like you're missing the s at the end. airreimbursements@carnival.com
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