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  1. Apologies if this has been discussed before... As UK residents I can see that we're theoretically able to book on the US website,, but does this give us the same consumer rights? Only asking because I could potentially save £2,000 on an SS booking on the Edge next year.
  2. All sorted, thankfully. I tried the ‘UK’ number a few times, but it kept ringing out, probably because of parents trying to sort out their kid’s newly required PCR tests. I eventually tried the number on post #29 and got through to the US. They apologised and sent an email with the booklet straight away. Even more excited now - if that’s possible!🤪
  3. Thanks for the advice but, unfortunately, I don't do Social Media (other than CC)! I'll have a go with the Suite number - what's the worst that can happen?
  4. Hi - we're due to sail on Aug 6th and as yet haven't received our Guest Booklet and am unable to access the luggage tags online either. As we're in a Sky Suite I wondered whether we're able to access the Suite concierge or should I just go through the regular telephone number? I know that we can get luggage tags at the dock, but it's part of the holiday enjoyment for me to go through the booklet and print out our own luggage tags 😊
  5. Good call - I’ll definitely try and do that!
  6. Soot and white furniture?! Still, I suppose it must make it more apparent for the room attendant to be able to clean it off - method and madness, perhaps 🤔? I can’t wait for the whole ‘suite’ experience to be honest, even if I may end up looking like a chimney sweep🤣.
  7. Thanks very much for posting the pictures of your cabin. We’re looking forward to being in an S1 on August 6th, probably for the one and only time, unless my DH ‘sees the light’!? The cabin looks really plush but the chairs on the balcony not so much😂. Are they as uncomfortable as they look?
  8. Thank you so much! You’re an absolute star ⭐️!
  9. Hi, if that’s one of the corner cabins (which I guess it is if it’s an S1) is there any chance at all, that you could post a picture, please 🙏?
  10. Looking at your photos (thanks for posting!) it looks as though the cabin has had new carpets and curtains, but not much else!😕 In the sky suite picture posted earlier, all the woodwork’s been redone as well. Shame this wasn’t carried through the rest of the ship…
  11. If there is anybody either on the current cruise or come back from the 3rd, that are/were in any of the aft corner cabins (S1) and you’ve got a photo, please can you post it. I can only find pictures of the cabins before they were revolutionised. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi - someone was kind enough to post this on 23rd July roll call post 204. Hopefully there’s a site near you! Eurofin.doc
  13. And a couple more… The escort and the Mayflower Park spectators
  14. Here she is, a bit foggy in the Solent this morning… Waited soooo long to see her back in the UK 🎉! Courtesy of Webcamtaxi:
  15. I know that I'm going to be in bits and my DH will be trying to look as though he's not with me!😂😒 Looking at the roll call I see that we're (potentially) on the same 18th October sailing. I must be even less optimistic than you about this one, as I haven't joined this roll call yet! 🤣 But I've got everything crossed and hopefully we'll get to sail somewhere, a lot can happen in 4 months!
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