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  1. It's certainly the best deal going!! We've always used our credits from Carnival stock & enjoyed them... However, now as 4 star, that $100 credit is worth $200 in the Pinnacle & Tamarind. Should you plan on cruising any of Carnival lines in the future... Buy now & even if the stock goes high or low, hang on in the end you'll have a wonderful time dining on board! Heading out on the K-dam in Nov. & will be dining on our credits! Makes you love the steak & lobsters even more when they're free...
  2. Did you ever consider that it might be a couple on a honeymoon cruise in 6059? In time, they'll get tired & have to go to the dining room. That's your best time to sleep or simply enjoy "quiet times".
  3. Not sure about the problems with vibrations... Thirty or forty yrs. ago, it would have cost you a full roll of quarters to keep the bed going like that! You really should have taken advantage & enjoyed the vibrations! Looking forward to booking same cabin for this fall's cruise! Just remember, when life gives you quarters, enjoy!
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