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  1. Shih-tzu

    Zuiderdam Balcony Depth?

    I think the one we had on deck 10 was narrower than others we spoke to, but they may have had one if the wider ones that are referred to in the above posts.....
  2. Shih-tzu

    Weight Watchers Cruises

    I see on our weekly handout that there are 2 Weight Watchers Cruises on MSC Seaside. Anyone ever gone on one of these?? Curious as to what all they do (I read the info but anything can seem "glossy"). And wondering if fellow cruisers would be looking at every bite you eat.... it' s a fair bit more than the normal cruise but does look interesting.....
  3. Companies/employers can vet applicants all they want, but if the employee has never been in trouble before (or been caught/charged) then his/her record is clear and the employer has done due diligence.
  4. I wouldn't......the lines to clear customs took us an hour alone.......thats not counting getting off the ship. Then there' the "agricultural " clearance at SOU before the normal things.....at least that' the way it was in 2016.
  5. We did the same........wouldnt even get off at the port next time but the canal was wonderful
  6. Shih-tzu

    Live on zuiderdam 1st time HAL cruiser

    Very true. Gives a great perspective and appreciation of the canal. I always find the staff very friendly. I didn't use the spa services but anyone that mentioned it said they had a great experience. I thought the new Tv's were great, along with the Navigator app that' free to use.... Glad you are enjoying your trip!!!! The "new" smell was quite strong on 5 Nov but I thought the ship looked great.
  7. Shih-tzu

    Koningsdam Pool - Max Capacity 8 persons?!

    Maybe for hot tub that is close to pool?
  8. Shih-tzu

    Sel de Mer

    Not on N.Amsterdam but did a couple of weeks ago on the Zuiderdam.....it was a one night event.....loved it....excellent food.
  9. That's what we like too.....low key and relaxing.
  10. Shih-tzu

    Maine Lobster

    Oh....I think I would know a true lobster if I saw one.....my dad fished them in the Bay of Fundy..... When served without claws or cooked differently than what I'm used to it throws me off though. I am used to them cooked in sea brine, cooled and eaten cold ( along with potato salad or fresh still-warm home made bread......sometimes a little mayo, not dipped in butter). He always said 1.5 to 2 lb lobsters were the best.....(and ships don't serve anything quite that big).
  11. If I can figure out how to post photos once I download them I will. Any day on a cruise is a good day in my books! Oh, and as an aside, we did Rudi's Sel de Mer. It was fantastic!!!!! Something worth considering.
  12. Having same problem. Will let me log in if I try to post reply to something but won' let me see subscribed threads. Happy to know it's just not me.
  13. Not ignoring you.....in my case it' that I've been under the weather....caught something aboard on the last full sea day and finally got diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday. Haven' even gone through my photos yet and been sleeping a lot. I really enjoyed the cruise....there was still some work in progress (aft pool didn' open until late Monday afternoon). All new carpets, new furniture in Lido buffet, new carpet in cabins, ours had new furniture (loveseat), new 40" interactive TV. Crows Nest completely redone. Looked nice. The music venues were all redone and I enjoyed the entertainment. Usual great service from staff. The crystal seahorse is still in the atrium. I was never on the Zuiderdam before, so I could just go by the pictures I saw prior to the cruise. There were some issues (air conditioning inconsistent, plumbing, staff turnover, etc). Although the issues didn' affect my cabin, those that weren' happy made sure we all knew they weren't to the point they were looking for the most trivial things to complain about. I truly felt sorry for some staff members who were taking the brunt of it all. I think a lot of it was because they didn' know it was just coming out of drydock so weren' prepared for what to expect.
  14. Shih-tzu

    Can I Bring My Tuba and Play it on the Balcony ?

    Nope....drones are banned....ha ha ha. Just promise you won' play a 3/4 and stick with jigs and reels.