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  1. Many calls could be to cancel since the announcement they could not accept the AstraZenica and MRNa mix. Here in Canada many werent given the choice. I'm fine as I was lucky but other family members aren't. Of course if one can't cruise now, the rest if the family will cancel as well. I'm sure they'll get it all sorted eventually......but if I was close to final payment I'd be cancelling now.
  2. Interesting. There has been a recall on several machines in the past month and people have been told not to use them because something to supress the sound is breaking down and the particles could be inhaled. Wonder if that's why she didn't take the machine if that's the case
  3. Now that I have seen the form (posted above) I do have a couple of concerns. I know that we had these to fill out prior to embarkation over the years, however it was a paper copy where you could add "notes" or comments (which I did) and answer a question if they asked. With this electronic version, unless the whole form isn't showing - there is just a "yes" or "no" answer with no room for any type of comment. When we answer honestly (which we plan on doing), they are going to look at our forms and their red flags are going to pop up and wave . There is no place to add comments or clarification (i.e. allergies and therefore I have a runny nose and take this Rx, or he has arthritis, therefore body aches and pains and takes this, or I have had **insert whatever** ..for x number of years. Perhaps it should have been worded "in the last 14 days have you developed new or worsening......." or a clarification block so they will know whatever could be a chronic condition and not at all related to COVID. Also notice it does not ask if a person is partly or fully vaccinated (although I understand that there is a law in some states that does not allow that). People say they have to answer this type of question when reporting for work (as do I, with no issue), but to get to work I haven't spent over $2000 for two airfares and paid for a cruise. it's easy to explain to someone why you answered "yes" to a question but this is all electronic. Is Carnival going to look at these and send an e-mail saying "Sorry, you can't sail" or will they come back for exxtra information? Or wait until you've crossed the continent to say "Oh, you checked off "yes" to a question, we're sorry"? If think some fine tuning/rewording may be necessary.
  4. Interesting. Wonder what all it entails? Just COVID info/vaccine status or other things? I know just before the total shut down last March they were turning away diabetics (even if only on pills and not insulin) and a host of other pre-existing conditions. I don't want to book airfare to travel clear across the continent onky to find out some in our party may not be able to board.
  5. Just noticed that the Hawaii cruise has totally disappeared from "Manage My Booking". When I tried to re-add it, it indicates that there is no reservation under that number. Wonder if they're inaccessible until they have everyone sorted out down to the 14 day from 15 day or maybe they're re-assigning new booking numbers? Anyone else on the departure from Long Beach on 20 February 2022 for Hawaii on the Miracle see their bookings?
  6. Thanks - I did it the way you suggested and it appears that there is a break there during my dates - but seeing as the Sailabration cruises are all listed there (which is how I was looking before), maybe we have lost the Sailabration part of our cruise....which was part of the reason I booked.... We'll see what happens. Keeping track of all the cancellations and changes and rules/regulations is getting a little overwhelming to say the least. Envy people within driving distance of a port - at least they don't have to deal with flight changes/cancellations as well.
  7. Yes, it did say in email it would take until end February. But if all three ships from Long Beach have other cruises on the site that are available for booking for those dates then it leaves me concerned. Why would they be accepting bookings for all three ships for Mexican Riviera if one of the ships supposed to be enroute to Hawaii at that time?? Just seems strange.
  8. We were notified a while back that our original cruise out of San Diego on the Miracle was being changed to depart Long Beach one day later. (not an issue because now we don't have to get off one ship in Long Beach and try to get to San Diego the same day). I was subsequently told by my travel agent that she had spoken to Carnival (she was interested in booking that herself) and they indicated to her that the ship was going to be changed out from Miracle to Radiance. I'm online and see cruises for the Miracle, Radiance and Panorama out of Long Beach in Feb 2022 but none of them are going to Hawaii and there's shorter cruises that are there for the dates we were supposed to be cruising. We had booked the Journerys/Sailabration cruise but all three of the ships I just listed show the Sailabration but on shorter cruises. Wonder if they're going to send another ship or if our trip is now going to be non-existant. We are on the Panorama the week before but if the Hawaii trip isn't going we really will have to decide if we want to invest in the airfare, etc to fly all the way to the west coast for 7 day cruise instead of 21 days of cruising..... The airfare and pre/post hotel stay can be very costly.... Anyone heard any scuttlebutt?
  9. Don't blame them for making it harder. Only logic I could see if they were in a gated community and they were vaccinating everyone to protect all residents.... those were meant for FL residents. We are supposed to be staying home as per our government regulations.
  10. According to this news article it's coming... https://globalnews.ca/news/7591304/us-quarantine-rules-international-travel/
  11. Currently, if we leave our own province we have to self isolate for 14 days on our return (and possibly isolate 14 days when entering the province we visit) New rule starting very shortly - if we leave the country and are coming back home, we have to go to a COVID hotel for 3 days at our own expense of approx $2000/person. If test that was done on re-entry comes back negative (approx 3 days) we can go home but have to still isolate until a total of 14 days is over. If we test positive, we have to go to the government COVID facility. I believe this also applies to anyone entering country. There are now only 4 airports that will accept non-domestic flights) I believe the US is putting a 10 day quarantine on travellers coming from outside US as well....so in order to cruise we would have to isolate 10 days pre-cruise, 10 days post cruise, then 14 days once home..... so unless we have oodles of money and oodles of time, then I'd say most of us won't be cruising. By instituting the $2000/person re-entry fees here, the government is trying to stop us from travelling right now. We have been advised not to make any travel plans, even in our own province
  12. I know it's a regulation for ships to have to stop in a "foreign" country, but based on the circumstances could the US not make a temporary exemption in this case in order to help with the Alaskan economy?
  13. I suspect they have to do all the paperwork for those of us that were already booked (the OBC plus the one day pro-rated back). There was also a date where people had option to cancel. I imagine everything will go back up with available spaces once all that is done.
  14. Says UK, European countries, etc but doesn't mention Canada. I guess time will tell...
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