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  1. Loving this and your sense of humour. I'm hoping to be on the Breeze in February and debating on the Cove Balcony...thinking it may be cooler as it's more shaded from the sun. Let us know what you think 🙂
  2. You may wish to check further reference the Scooter - perhaps Norwegian has a deal/contract with a provider for their ships and they get a cheaper rate?? Or maybe the supplier offers a discount to Norwegian passengers? Worth a try anyway.
  3. It's a Hamilton-Beach. There are round coffee packets (like a filter with coffee in it) and I think it brews one cup at a time (I'm sure you can ask your steward for more packets if you need them). I saw it there but never used it as I was up earlier than everyone else so just got coffee on the Lido deck and then went and watched the sunrise. I'm looking at a photo I took a couple of weeks ago on my I-phone but have absolutely NO idea how to upload it...… (they are only in Balcony rooms and above though, apparently not in the inside or ocean view from what I was told).
  4. I just saw recent Freestyle Dailies for the POA not even a few days ago somewhere on here but do you think I can find it now??? Of course not!!! (but if I do, I will try to remember where it was and let you know). There were lei making classes listed, hula classes and other activities. The last time I was in Hawaii (in Nov '18 but not on cruise) I seem to remember a place that people flying into the continental US had to go for an "Agricultural Inspection" or something close to that title. (I didn't have to because I was flying direct back to Canada). If it was anything like the one I had to go through in Puerto Rico - no plants, fruits, vegetables, etc were allowed, so I'm not sure if you could even bring back a real lei or not.... But as another poster said, they don't last long - a day or two maybe - the ones we got upon arrival at the airport lasted maybe 3 days before it was wilted. Hopefully someone else that has flown can verify what you can or can't take back that has actually been through that inspection.
  5. The official site says they accept "Cash (exact change/coins only)." Farther down it says "Exact change only" and "Note: Drivers do not make change and are forbidden from receiving and depositing money into the farebox". Maybe they do accept bills knowing that tourists aren't loaded with Bermudan quarters, but I was prepared to have to get coins when I got there based on the website..... I wouldn't want to wait for a bus only to find out when it got there I couldn't get on it..... this is on the Government of Bermuda web site (https://www.gov.bm). Turns out we didn't use the bus after we got there - used the ferries and a shuttle. Hope this helps....
  6. I didn't try to buy the tickets or passes, I just purchased 4 tokens to use the Hamilton Ferry. Planned to until I found out Norwegian had the free ferry to St George so used that one day, and then went to Hamilton the other.... (used a shuttle to go to Horseshoe Bay because of the hill...I'm old....). I just checked the web site and it says you can get passes and tokens (not tickets) at the Visitor Information Center at the Dockyard. I had originally planned on buying the pass and had looked it up ahead of time (but you are correct - they don't sell the tickets). (there is a VIC at two places at the peir - one in front of where each ship docks - not sure if it's both or just one that may have the passes).
  7. I was playing with the idea of taking the ferry to St Georges and then getting a bus back to the Dockyard (that way you would travel from one end of the island to the other). Changed my mind only because I had a new pair of sandals that decided to do a bit of a number on my feet the day before.... but if you got the pass (or a book of 15 tickets) you could go almost anywhere by ferry and bus.
  8. You have to have exact fare (and from what I understood when I was there a couple of weeks ago, it has to be in change, not bills). You can buy tokens in the kiosk where the ferry comes into the Dockyard. You can also buy 15 tickets (which is good for bus and ferries and works out to a little cheaper per trip) or 1,2,3 day unlimited passes (again good for ferries and the bus system).
  9. And....you can't tell how much money a person has based on stateroom choice...….someone may choose to cruise an inside cabin due to the sleep quality you can get and then they can take several cruises a year. Another may have a suite but it's their once-in-a-lifetime trip that they have saved and saved for.
  10. Looks like your vacation (albiet modified) can at least happen......which is a good thing as a change in scenery will be as good. Take care 🙂
  11. The thermal spa on the Gem is wonderful and hopefully can help relax or alleviate any pain. Best of luck on your trip to Bermuda and please keep us posted on how you're doing and how your trip went.
  12. Guess I should pop back on here and clarify a few things.... It wasn't so much that she was using "spicy" language (and I'm used to hearing it day in and day out so it sort of goes in one ear and out the other), it was the decibel level that made it as annoying as it was. Normal conversation level and it wouldn't have been noticed - but she was "screaming". I'd be willing to bet that there were some there though that were watching it as an odd form of onboard entertainment..... As others mentioned, we could have gone to another area and at times we did, but if that is the designated smoking area then that's where I had to go from time to time to stay in the rules. (and yes, that's why I go to the bar....to have a cigarette and my soda....). Good to know the passenger code of conduct exists and would be good for future reference. Something like this probably doesn't happen often (I had never seen it before on a cruise or at all-inclusives) so I'm guessing my odds of having it happen again soon are probably slim.
  13. I'm surprised you didn't hear her......😄. Guess you weren't in the pool area when she was hollering. Glad they followed up as smoking on balconies is clearly against the rules (and is posted on their web sites, information sheets, etc). Sad that smokers that don't follow the rules ruin it for all of us that do. That man has a smart wife 🙂
  14. Can't answer for the Joy, but there were some decorated doors on the Gem last week. I would think the policy would be fleet wide (unless because the Joy is so new).
  15. Thanks Joyce. I wasn't sure who one would complain to (and I generally don't like to complain). I think a few of us were just gob smacked at what we were seeing/hearing. I'll keep it in mind. Never saw anything like it on a cruise before...
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