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  1. If you have My Time dining, you can pre-book your dining time for every night and bypass any lines or wait (other than a couple of minutes if there are people checking in ahead of you). Loved the Anthem, we sailed her in April and I have to say that the main dining room food was excellent. Enjoy!
  2. Was there a particular ship or class of ship that you were looking at? Pretty much across the fleet, the Royal Family Suite Staterooms can hold up to 8. On the Oasis class and newer, there are 2-bedroom Aqua Theatre Loft Suites (8) and Royal Loft Suites (6). I can't really recommend one as I have not stayed in them, I like my own personal space. :cool: Hope that helps
  3. Considering the number of people who talk throughout the presentation, doing something a little different may actually grab their attention. That being said, after watching this I hope the actual Muster Drill movie is better than the trailer.
  4. The upgrade offers are being rolled out to include all ships in the fleet this year, so you may not get an offer depending on the ship. If you are booked with a TA, their agency has to opt in to the Upgrade Advantage program for you to be eligible to be offered an upgrade. If they are, then the email goes directly to you. The process is kind of like a silent auction bidding program and there is a meter that shows how strong or weak your offer is. I know people that are very happy with it. Also you can only bid up 2 categories from what you are booked with. For example, if you book an inside, you will not be offered a Suite or the Haven, it would just be for a balcony. Personally I love the new program.
  5. I was glad to see our local newspaper acknowledge this today as well. Thank you to all of the veterans!
  6. Totally agree! The 3 sommeliers there were terrific. Most ships have "wine experts", but this was the first ship since a cruise on Oceania where I found an actual sommelier let alone 3 of them! Great Promenade, great crew...one of my favourite cruises (out of 50) was on the Freedom last year.
  7. I have to agree with Bill that I have never felt crowded on my 3 Oasis cruises, other than coming out of the muster drill, but that happens on every ship. ;) As for being nickel and dimed, I think that is based largely on your preferences. You don't have to get drink packages and can get a soda package if you wish. You just have to do the math and decide what would work for you. That goes for the alternative dining as well. The dining room food is great, but do your homework and find out all you can about the alternative restaurants to see if that may be something that interests you and plan for it. I have found the pre-cruise hotel prices to be on the high side and book my own hotel as well as air. If you are not a researcher, use a good travel agent. Hope that helps and good luck in your planning.
  8. It's funny that you should post this as I am going through this dilemma myself and I HAVE sailed on both ships several times! Oasis has great entertainment and a wide variety of it (as well as different dining venues). We do enjoy the Schooner Bar but have yet to find a half-decent piano player in there on 3 cruises. But we also love the Rising Tide Bar. Freedom has a smaller ship feel to it and has a great Schooner Bar and wonderful wine pairing dinners in their Vintages. Freedom is also the ship that RCCL likes to roll out new things on because they have such a great crew. While you can fly into Orlando, it is an hour to the port, so there is an extra cost incurred there. As for Grand Cayman, it is a tender port so you do lose time there. It is a beautiful island and I love it anyway (as I do most Caribbean islands). Good luck in your choice, I'm still working on mine!
  9. By Classic Package, do you mean the non-premium drink package? If so, that is called Select and is $40 per day. Also fresh squeezed orange juice from the Windjammer IS included and I apologize again for repeating much of what has already been posted.
  10. Just glanced through some of the pages but it's official, listening to webinar now. Biggest change is not everyone in the stateroom has to get it. Fresh squeezed orange juice IS offered in the $20 per person package as well as specialty coffees. Premium $55 per person per day includes cocktails up to $10 value, frozen cocktails, beer, premium wines up to $12 value, non-alcoholic cocktails, 500 ml bottled still water and Fountain soda package with cup. Select package is $40 per person per day includes beer, wine by the glass value up to $8, non-alcoholic cocktails, and the Fountain soda package with cup. Ultimate packages is virtually unlimited including all that is included with the premium with no $$ limit and is $65 per person per day. A 20% discount off of select premium wines are offered with the Select, Premium and Ultimate packages. Sorry if I am repeating info, just don't have time to read through all 7 pages. :)
  11. [quote name='parrotfeathers']How far is this from tasting like a Cosmo?[/quote] Not at all like a Cosmo
  12. I used the computers on Oasis last month with no issues at all. There are 3 locations, decks 7 and 9 forward and deck 14 by the card room. There was rarely anyone in them. If you do use your own, you must go to one of the terminals to "sign up".
  13. Another Kory fan here. He is on the Royal Princess right now. I know James Barr was on the Freedom until the end of Sept I think, he is terrific too but not sure who is on there now, sorry.
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