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  1. Does anyone know how long it is taking to process receiving your FCC with carnival for the cancelled sailings? We were just cancelled this week for our June 6th sailing and I want to rebook since there are not many cabins left on a sailing in the category I want.
  2. We figured our cruise to Mexico would be cancelled and we have decided to take the FCC because we paid in gift cards. We are wanting to rebook for February that same itinerary but the cruise is now cheaper than what we paid for our June sailing. If the cruise credit is more than what the new booking is what do we do with the excess credit? Will we be able to use it on the ship, would we lose it, or can the remainder go towards a second booking for even later? Any help would be great. It's too hard to reach agents right now with all this just transpiring. Thanks
  3. My family and I are booked to sail the meraviglia out of Miami next February. I am wondering if anyone knows the American prices for the activities that are offered on board such as the xd cinema, flight simulator, etc? I am trying to decide if it’s worth it to buy a fun pass ahead of time. Thanks all
  4. I have a 4 day cruise booked for the Mariner of the Seas for this coming September. We have always done 5-7 day cruises. I am worried with, what looks like so much to do on the ship, that we won't get to enjoy all the amenities it has to offer. Has anyone ever done a back to back on the Mariner? Do you recommend booking a 3 day so we have the whole week for the ship? If we did book the additional three days as a back to back would the menus and shows be the same as the 4 day cruise? Thanks
  5. http://jeffandjenncruise.com/ this is the group for my sailing
  6. So my family is booked on the Mariner of the seas for September 23rd. I heard on the radio today as I was going to work that this cruise is hosting a radio show package for our dates. Has anyone been on a cruise before that has been group booked by a large crowd? Does anyone know if this impacts the other guests? I don’t want typical shows or activities that would be on a normal cruise to be restricted because they have special programs going on because of this special event. If anyone could give me some insight it would be great.
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