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  1. My husband always takes a thermometer on our trips. Two days when we were outside looking at glaciers it was 42 and 46 degrees. Other days on shore we hit a couple high 60's and one 70 degree day. We were in Alaska at the end of July.
  2. It is so nice when you don't have to be the one doing the laundry. And, the hanging things come back pressed and in a garment bag.
  3. Welcome to a different kind of cruising. We have been on a number of TA's and have only once had some choppier seas. Hurricane Sandy was moving up the U.S. coast and the captain changed our course to avoid most of the rough seas. It lasted about 10 hours and didn't seem to bother most people. Activities went on as scheduled and people were out and about. Most of our crossings have been quite calm and once you get into the gulf stream, it becomes warm and very pleasant to be outside or on your balcony. Our cabin is mid-deck and we have found that our balcony is quite dark at night and we have seen some lovely star constellations. Also some gorgeous sunsets. Sea days for us are very relaxing. We love to read and also walk. You can do as much or as little as you choose. Usually we have spent two or three weeks traveling before the cruise and appreciate the slower days after all the walking and sight seeing we have done before boarding the ship.
  4. Lauren, Thanks for a wonderful Norway blog. So glad to read about your views of a first HAL trek. Lousy weather when reaching port is always a possibility. We always look at it as a reason to come back (as if we ever need a reason to cruise!). Lauri
  5. Male (DH)-- 1 pair New Balance walking shoes (wears on the plane); 1 pair teva sandals; 1 pair boat shoes (for casual dinner),; 1 pair black shoes (to wear with tux) Female (me) -- 1 pair Easy Spirit walking shoes (wear on plane); 1 pair lighter walking shoe: 1 pair sandals (for casual dinner); 1 pair low heels (for formal dress).
  6. I agree with the others that it seems too much money especially when you have a cabin that you are perfectly happy with. I would sit tight.
  7. Thank you for giving your thoughts on the Rotterdam. Although we have not sailed her we have sailed many of the others in that class and love the intimacy and the ambiance of that size. For us, there is nothing like sitting in a deck chair with a good book and being mesmerized by the sights and sounds of the ocean just a few decks above the surface.
  8. We were fortunate to be on the inaugural cruise for the Noordam and still have the special things that are part of a new ship first sailings. We fell in love with her almost immediately and look forward to being on her again. Thanks for a wonderful review.
  9. Both drinks are delivered at the same time.
  10. What a hilarious post. Thanks for my laugh of the day.
  11. It is good to be reminded from time to time how fortunate we are and how much of the world does not have the opportunity and living standard that we do, We never dreamt that we would travel a good part of the world and experience the things we have seen and been a part of. We always feel we are taken such good care of when we board the HAL ships and try to make the staff that make it such a great trip to know how much we appreciate them. Thanks for your post.
  12. It seems a pity that the new high tech show theaters in the Pinnacle Class are being so underutilized and with shows that don't take advantage of what they have to offer. We are on N. Statendam in the fall and wonder if any changes in entertainment will have been made since our three week Koningsdam cruise this past spring. Many people we talked to were most disappointed in the canned music shows.
  13. Agreed. Nice to have the opportunity.
  14. Nothing here to encourage us to book during offering.
  15. New music venues (BB Kings, Dueling Pianos, Lincoln Center, etc.) have added to the evening entertainment. The ration of crew to passenger is good and the staff outstanding IMO. We enjoy late traditional seating and find most of the MDR menu offerings interesting and very good. Lamb (a favorite of mine) is served several times and a winner for me every time. My DH favorite is fish and salmon in particular and is cooked to perfection. We have verandah cabins and find they are very comfortable with excellent space for everything. On the new Pinnacle class ships, the layout is a bit different and we love the large showers in the baths and the lighting is very good. Large screen t.v.s offer a lot of movies and several news channels as well as being able to see past t.v. programs. Covered pool area means that that area is available no matter what the weather. Explorations Cafe offers all kinds of coffee and tea drinks throughout the day (extra). Just a few things that have come to mind...
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