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  1. This link seems to be the one that Himself might be looking at. https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com/
  2. Here is the link I use to watch the port. (Just went back to the link and it says that it will be offline for up to two months while they work on it.) https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/
  3. So many fond memories of all our trips on the Veendam. May she always be safe.
  4. So hopeful that this will be the beginning of getting this pandemic under control and that our health and lives will return to some semblance of pre-Covid days. In the meantime, we have to use other means to keep the spike from rising at a rate of more than 100,000+ per day.
  5. We received it Saturday and like S & B, just enjoy looking at it and remembering all the places we've been and where we want to go once it is safe to do so. Something nice to think about as we just got an early 5" snow storm--hope it's not a forecast of a long severe winter.
  6. This is only one of the first steps of many, many to go back to sailing. But, it is nice to know that it is in place and companies can continue to work to getting us back on board once it is safe to do so.
  7. Suspending it, even for a short time until the cruise industry gets back on its feet, doesn't have a down side that I can see. To survive, businesses and the government will have to continue to make adjustments and cooperate with each other, IMHO.
  8. Suspending the Jones Act temporarily may well help not only the Alaskan cruises but other cruises that could take place in other areas of our country.
  9. I don't think we would consider a new cruise line for a world tour without ever having been on that line before.
  10. We certainly miss cruising and look forward to the next time we can cruise. We miss the anticipation of visiting new places and cultures and the planning that goes with it. We missed being away for part of late winter in New England and our longer fall trips to Europe. But, we are of an age that we don't have to worry about jobs or raising young children through all this and are grateful since so many are in really difficult circumstances. Trying to keep it all in perspecitive...
  11. I am curious how it is then that round trip from San Diego to Hawaii and back with a stop in Ensenada, Mexico qualifies for this same port to port trip?
  12. Tuolumne couple Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures. They bring back so many memories of our wonderful days at sea. There is nothing that soothes the soul (at least mine) more than experiencing the sea, the sunrise or sunset, the smell, the sound, the dazzle on a sunny day, the damp feeling of fog on your face or the cloud formations on a rainy day. Until we can all return--be safe and stay well.
  13. I remember someone representing Carnival/HAL speak one evening and there were other welcomes and short speeches but, I think you are right in that there weren't large groups of TA's, reporters, company reps, etc. on board. Or, if they were there, there was no disruption of the usual happenings on board.
  14. It's too bad that you had that experience. We were on the Nieuw Amsterdam inaugural and had a very different experience where there was excitement, wonderful staff with just a few bumps, special memorabilia (a book, pewter plate, etc.) and the feeling of being part of a special happening. We would do it again especially now that we are able to make adjustments should the dates change.
  15. My aunt and uncle were to be on the inaugural cruise for Zuiderdam but their cruise was cancelled due to a change because the ship delayed.
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