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  1. Wonderful, delicious, exciting, anxiety provoking, anticipating, and the descriptives can go on and on. The bug has hit us all pretty hard, I think. Enjoy your first cruise and take advantage of all if has to offer (sounds as if you are well on your way) and let us know what you thought of it. Happy cruising...
  2. Leaving later this month on B2B and enjoyed the report. Makes it feel even closer. We are doing same itinerary and looking forward to being in Curacao again after being away about 10 years. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for tying up a wonderful travelogue. Immensely enjoyed reading about your trip.
  4. I was hoping that you would continue your travelogue. Thank you for doing this. It is a wonderful way for me to pour my coffee and have a good read first thing to begin the day!
  5. Lots of great suggestions above. The new music offerings are superb and most enjoyable where everyone can find music of their choice. One of the top things that we find outstanding on HAL ships generally is the excellent service and friendliness of the staff beginning with your cabin stewards, dining stewards and going all the way to bar staff, servers and just HAL staff cleaning, walking through the corridors. When we board a HAL ship we have the feeling of coming home. Enjoy the NA and all it offers. Bon Voyage...
  6. We haven't sailed on Princess for a little more than a year and hadn't heard about the chair removal. We enjoy the larger balcony cabins on HAL but put up with the smaller Princess ones when we choose Princess for one reason or another. Smaller balconies on Princess newer ships and now only one desk chair will be a deal breaker for us too, since we often have room service breakfast on port days. With no place to sit, it seems unlikely that we would ever use room service and therefore think twice before booking Princess. What are they thinking??
  7. Many thanks for the detailed information and travelogue. Looking forward to reading about your next adventure.
  8. Would love to hear a report after both are there together.
  9. Nice. We are going to be on Koningsdam next month at HMC with NS. We've never been there with another ship (unbelievable, I know) and have been wondering how it will feel to have that many people on shore.
  10. Clicking on to the link, I find the daily activities. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
  11. Found this quote in another thread: SWFJOE Cool Cruiser #11 Posted December 13, 2018 I'm aboard the Koningsdam now. First sailing after dry dock. They seem to have hit it out of the park with the Rolling Stones rock room. Music is fantastic. Perfect for people who love real rock and roll.If you're in your 60's this is the music you grew up on. Band plays AC-DC, Cream, Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Queen etc. Pretty load as it should be. They play 3 sets each night and the great part is when their set finishes, you can walk 10 ft and the Piano bar starts playing their 45 min set.You can just go back and forth. Really a perfect night of rock and roll. Never seen this many people up till midnight on any Holland ship. Ship had and still has some electrical problems but they say it will be fixed soon. So all in all they improved music walk a great deal.
  12. Because you were on Carnival, my understanding is that you will be a one star when you cruise on HAL. It does not transfer any other benefits.
  13. Copper, thanks for answering so many questions on so many threads. It's good of you to take the time and educate us all. We appreciate the time you spend!
  14. We found that a bit strange too. Some changes that have been made reflect that lack of experience IMHO. But, maybe they thought that a fresh pair of eyes with no pre-concieved ideas would be helpful.
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