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  1. Good morning, Such good news on several fronts--a beloved fur baby returns, a wandering moving pod reunited, a colonoscopy now in the rear view mirror and Bacchus. Another great quote and food suggestions. Chicken nuggets in the freezer for when it gets to be dinner time and I have no idea what to make. Happy 4th to everyone--stay safe and be well.
  2. Good morning, Sounds like quite a party there. Been to some great parties in younger days but none to match that one! Recommending pot roast brought back wonderful memories of last fall when we were in a small village inn in Germany and had the most blissful yummy pot roast that we ever had. A lovely trip... Happy Canada Day to my SIL and her family and all here on CC. A beautiful country and great neighbor to us here in the US.
  3. Good morning, Leave it to Charles Schulz! Love seeing his stuff. Try to celebrate NOW everyday in many ways. No meteors around. Roy, good luck with the "scope". And, thanks for letting us know what you thought about the Covid test. Have to have one before going to Maine to see sister and glad the test won't be too bad. Had buckets of rain Sunday evening and yesterday which should help the moderate drought we are in. Hazy, more humid and temp to go into high 70's today so not too bad.
  4. Good morning, Looks as if the Veendam is going on a mystery cruise. Always nice to see where the fleet is. Has been raining here since yesterday and left several inches which we needed badly. Waiting to see what the totals are. The grass just in the last 24 hours looks so much better. Took a picture just this morning of a big, black dual winged dragon fly on the screen. Will down load it later on to see if it was visible as the screen was the same color. Seasick Sailor--hope your moving crate is on its way to you Happy birthday, Micky Arison
  5. Good morning, The quote can be words to live by. Had a fabulous dinner at sister's house last night--strippped bass, scallops, corn salad, roasted beets, arugula and baby greens salad, watermelon salad with feta and freshly baked breads. Dessert was locally grown strawberries with sweet cream. She is an amazing chef. We sat out on the patio and later watched the sun set. A magical afternoon and evening. Rich, hope you don't mind my posting the descriptive for the wine you suggested. I love reading wine reviews and how the reviewer describes a given wine. This one is in the $20-25 price range and Wine Spectator gives it a rating of 90. "Garnet, medium bodied, classic Sonoma County Pinot Noir with aromatics of fresh light red fruits (cherries and strawberries) leaping out of the glass, backed up with baking spices and hints of fresh-picked mushrooms and black tea. Flavors of sweet raspberries and cherries combine with anise, sweet oak and white pepper. A pleasant wine to drink from start to finish – great mouth feel balanced with acidity and soft tannins which provide for a long, silky finish." And from the California winemaker: " In 2005, entrepreneurs Tim Perr and Scott Knight pooled their resources and their passions to found a winery dedicated to producing small lots of artisan Pinot Noir that they loved to drink. The goal is to make wines that speak well of their origin and their varietal, and to bring those wines to the consumer at the best price we can without compromising quality. While Pinot Noir remains our first love and a significant part of our production, we also produce a few other varietals when we have the opportunity to make a wine we think is worthy of sharing." P.S. Sorry the post is so long.
  6. Good morning, Loved the way you worded your response this morning. Very clever and made me smile. Wine name also made me smile. Wish some of the wine had lesser price tags so we could try some as they sound very interesting. Another beautiful day here--we are on a roll. Have some work in the garden this morning before it gets too hot. Worried about people living in the states where Covid seems to be ramping up again. Niece living in Houston with 5 year old nephew is concerning. Going to my sisters for outdoor dinner so will have to put off the chicken parm nuggets for another day.
  7. The look of cruising will depend somewhat on where we are with the virus when it starts up again. In some ways it will mirror what we are doing on land on a day to day basis (masks, distance monitoring, etc.). We are very hopeful that the world is in a place where cruising can begin again in early 2021 but I don't think it will happen before then.
  8. Thanks, Roy. I didn't even see the mileage scale at the bottom.
  9. Does anyone know how far off land the ships are anchoring? Can't tell from the maps.
  10. Good morning, Love the quote. We can take a moment to celebrate our successes but then need to move onward to do greater things. Never really thought about Seafarers, the ones moving freight/goods, until our friend began volunteering at the Seafarers Mission here in Boston. It is a really hard job--long days of little activity with no other people but the few that are working with you and then hard days in port. The sailors are so appreciative of the help they get from the volunteers with local information (where is the nearest big box store, local transportation) and the little goody bags that volunteers put together (personal hygiene items, local logo hats, tee shirts with local logos, candies, snack foods, etc.). Love pork with pork tenderloin being one of our favorites.
  11. Good morning, Kazu--a very happy anniversary to you both. An anniversary and returning from a hospital stay is always a good reason to celebrate. Hope the healing continues to go well. Seasick Sailor--so glad you are settling into your new home. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed after an exhausting day. Still laughing at the Mollison quote. Thanks, Rich for the daily. Dinner suggestion sounds good--have chicken leftovers from the other night and will make dinner around that. The wine description is as follows and sounds perfect but a little pricey. "Gorgeous aromatics of heady voluptuousness conjure elements of caramel, honey and baked apple behind a golden hue of color in this memorable, no-holds-barred white. The flavors follow through along a lengthy layered pathway lined in sparks of anise and key lime, finishing in juicy crisp acidity. Rated 95 and priced $75 to $84. We have gone days without rain and everything is brown and dry. Hoping for the showers that have been forecast for this afternoon. Be well everyone.
  12. Good morning, Rich and all, Definition applicable to the times. Would be nice to have all of them listen more and compromise more. We had a friend that had five kids under 12 and I remember her advice when I was pregnant. She said, "choose your battles and let the other stuff go". It has always rung true for me. Just bought large zucchini to stuff--not exactly ratatouille but close cousin. Seasick Sailor --good luck today with the big move in. Exciting new chapter to begin.
  13. We are still looking forward to cruising and will wait to see what that looks like once things have progressed more. To us, wearing masks and not having a "serve yourself buffet" is more what the new normal will be like at least until vaccines have been made available and medicine can handle successfully, the more extreme cases. HAL has served guests in the buffets for quite a while now and I find it much more appetizing (we've seen some pretty awful things guests have done in the buffet line). Entertainment can be handled by adding extra shows so the density of the audience is lessened. Spas, nail and hair salons have just opened here yesterday. I imagine by the time cruises begin, they will have protocols in place for these areas. But, all in all, we will be ready when the cruise industry is ready to open safely. I am confident that they will figure it out.
  14. Our experience is that we pay a down payment when booking and then payment in full is generally due 75 days prior to sailing. In some cases where the cruise is particularly long, the full payment was 90 days prior. On one occasion through a box on line agency we were offered a special deal with OBC and other perks (I can't remember exactly what) if we paid in full when reserving. We haven'e sailed since 11/19 so things may have changed. If I were to guess, most cruises will be canceled for this year. They may start a few in December to get things started but it may all depend on how the Covid virus is behaving in early fall and how vaccines are progressing.
  15. Happy Monday, What's not to love about the three food suggestions. We had chicken salad for lunch today and it was delicious. It wasn't hot however. Hope everyone had a good Father's Day. We went to our daughter's house and our son and DIL were there too. It was a hot and humid afternoon with thunder in the background but no storm. Great food too and it was a lovely visit.
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