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  1. Father, I would guess that that is just a partial listing for breakfast foods.
  2. Yes, Jacqui, it was bound to happen. Venice and its fragile infra-structure cannot support large numbers of huge ships and that number of visitors ongoing. These mostly very large ships put huge strain on the buildings, infrastructure, pilings and the narrow Giudecca canal. We will gladly fly into Venice to visit and then go to the port nearby to pick up the ship. I would like our children and future generations to be able to visit this beautiful and magical place and to see it without accerlerated degredation.
  3. Can you tell us the sites that show the changing cabin pricing? (or is this not allowed by CC)
  4. With every new pic, the excitement mounts. Can't wait to get to Amsterdam and see her in person.
  5. Just reiterating my earlier response of support for keeping this thread going. Used to read dailies and filled with so much stuff that I gave it up. Laura, please keep this going at least until cruising has fully started as "Been There, Planning That" suggests.
  6. Manager, Laura: PLEASE!!--don't stop the posting here. It is so easy to find in one place. Goodness knows we could all probably use some smiles and laughter.
  7. We are booked on Rotterdam in October and now I am wondering what the odds are of that cruise happening.
  8. Looking forward to sailing on Rotterdam in October. So hope coming back on line for all the ships will be a smooth transition.
  9. I've always wondered about this area. How large are the windows? Is the bed in the way of easily looking out? Love the motion especially at night.
  10. I wonder if cruise lines will ask for the Jones Act to be suspended for a year to enable cruise ships to start up when they are ready allowing Alaska cruises. It may be a moot point since the season ends mostly in September and ships may just be gearing up then. We are supposed to be on the Rotterdam in October and I am so hoping. Crossing my fingers...
  11. Nice to see things moving along. I'm sure we are all yearning to return to cruising and following the progress will help keep the mood.
  12. This link seems to be the one that Himself might be looking at. https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com/
  13. Here is the link I use to watch the port. (Just went back to the link and it says that it will be offline for up to two months while they work on it.) https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/
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