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  1. I had thought the kayaking, which we love to do, would give us a better opportunity to see things.
  2. We have chosen to do the kayaks rather than the zodiacs. Is that a bad choice? We both enjoy kayaking very much.
  3. I will be interested to hear other cruisers opinion of the change in the future itinerary.
  4. June 2019 or June 2020? We are doing a Windstar Vancouver to Seward June 2019. I haven't received that email.
  5. We planned a post cruise excursion. When we dock at Seward, we are taking a bus to Anchorage, staying overnight. (There is also a very scenic train ride but it doesn't leave until around 6 pm). The next day we are taking the train to Talkeetna, staying a couple days and doing a glacier flight. Then we are taking the train to Denali. We are staying a couple days, doing one of the bus trips into Denali. Then we are taking the train to Fairbanks where we are flying out. We booked the glass dome train ride. Our cruise begins in Vancouver. We are flying in a couple days early, renting a car and doing the scenic highway to Whistler.
  6. June 2019 or June 2020? We are doing a Windstar Vancouver to Seward June 2019. I haven't received that email.
  7. I checked this bus out. Our cruise lands on Saturday, July 6. This bus only services the larger cruise companies and doesn't serve Windstar. But, I have found another bus that doesn't actually service Windstar, but collects passengers at the Small Boatt Harbor. And there is a shuttle you can take to get there. Thanks everyone! - https://www.alaskatravel.com/bus-lines/seward-anchorage-am.html.
  8. No, but that is a great idea. Thank you!
  9. I found that option. And, I have found other (and less expensive) options for bus transportation. I have read that the train ride is outstanding but it doesn't leave Seward until 6 pm. Taking evening transport to Anchorage doesn't work with the rest of our plans. I am just wanting more than I can probably get- to be able to take an earlier train that day.
  10. The train from Seward to Anchorage is in the evening (inconvenient for our plans). I have noticed that other cruise lines have the option of a morning train from Seward to Anchorage. My question- is there a way for someone cruising with Windstar to book that morning train? Has anyone been successful in making arrangements through a third party to use the special train hired by other cruise lines?
  11. I have been reading all the reviews of the Windstar Alaska 2018 cruises. We love Windstar and are looking forward to our Alaska cruise in June. I have noted the problems like people were cold aboard the ship and that meals were difficult/crowded. If anyone would like to comment on those things, please do so I might plan accordingly. I have a few questions. Hope someone will advise me. 1. Our ship says it debarks in Seward/Anchorage. What does that mean? Does it mean that it debarks in Seward and then Windstar provides transport to Anchorage? Is there an extra charge for that? Could we take a train to Anchorage? We plan to stay overnight in Anchorage and then take the train north. Any suggestions about where (or what area) to stay overnight in Anchorage? 2. What sort of clothing would you pack for a June 25 departure? We have excursion plans nearly every day on the trip including kayaking, fishing, etc. Is a down jacket, gloves and hat too much or too little? 3. Dinner attire- every Windstar we've ever sailed had people dressed well at dinner. I love that. Is that the normal attire on the Alaska trip? Any other tidbits of information anyone has to offer would be welcomed. Thank you
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