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  1. Woohoo is right!! Fantastic bid. I hope you totally enjoy. My sailing is sold out in the upper categories, so fingers crossed.
  2. Thanks DiverJohn. I want to enjoy everything beginning to end. I have never had the spa pass in my cruises before, so looking forward to something different.
  3. It's similar for me on the Epic also. After I purchased the pass for a 10-day cruise for $249, my confirmation said the pass started the day after we board at .....5:01 pm!! No one has been able to explain. I would have thought it would be available after we set sail, not the next afternoon!
  4. Thanks Molole and Jamie. Just what I thought. There is so much information about bidding, that I wanted to ask first. This is one of my favorite threads here. Everyone is so very helpful!!!
  5. Does anyone think that printing put your edocs for your current cabin, impacts in any way your chance of getting an upgrade on your bids? Thinking that they may feel that you are satisfied with the cabin you have. Has anyone printed edocs and have their bids go through. I do understand when you get down to the last few days before sailing, you would have to print them. Just wondering if all you wiser and more experienced feel it makes a difference?
  6. These look quite handy and I like the way they attach to the rods. By any chance, do you have a link to these? I have looked at tons on Amazon without finding these!! Appreciated!!
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