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  1. Lobster has been out of the MDR for at least year or 2, and was in specialty restaurants before Del Rio took over this year. Plus it was tails, not whole lobster too. So putting it back in the MDR as 1lb whole lobster is kind of achievement, unto itself in hindsight.... (for NCL anyway) The menu for the original room service before the all day charge was crappy and not much on it. Literally, the only hot food on it was coffee, tea, chicken soup that didn't have much taste, hamburger and a hot dog. So getting steak, pasta, chicken and fish plus hot breakfast like eggs and sausage is major upgrade for NCL. The only charge entertainment is the lunch wine show and evening dinner show. Both can be avoid by not even making reservations or stepping into the place....And this too was before Del Rio took over. If you're going to use the bait & switch outcry - at least know the timeline of when things was actually removed or put back. Because alot of stuff was removed during Sheehan's time and was put back under Del Rio / Stuart as either an upcharge like surf&turf or snuck in without announcement as complimentary, like free escargot and salmon in the MDR. (I did a double-take when I saw those 2 particular items in the MDR menu from Escape)
  2. You mean paying for a hamburger in one location on the ship, while in 2 different locations its still free/complimentary -That's really is called options, not nickle & diming.... Personally? If one's whole highlight or reason for going on Escape is to just go to Margaretville - You're going to need more better reasons than that because that's not the only restaurant on the ship (specialty or complimentary), nor is it the only activity onboard either....
  3. When you want everything that ship /line has to offered - better have the money for it and/or go to line that has it more inclusive as part of its fare. *shrug* NCL is not that inclusive line, it was exclusive even before Del Rio/ Stuart took it over - its just the natural evolution of things that was in place while ago under Sheehan. Personally to me, NCL has better basics than Carnival but its not as inclusive as that line. I'm not lobster / steak / prime rib eater, so I can do with out it nor do I use room service like that - I actually like dining setup on the Breakaway, where its al fresco even in the complimentary places like the buffet and grill. I also like it has more dining variety than Carnival and I don't mind paying extra for it since I'm not a big eater and don't spend much on myself anyway. With the a la carte in some of the restaurants, it just comes out more cheaper for me since I only eat 1 or 2 courses. Most of the entertainment is included anyway in the fare; it only the shows that have a meal attached to it that one has to pay - have a choice of going or not at all.
  4. Sadly or Happily, depending on how one see it - its true. All it takes to keep some people who want to abuse the privilege, in this case, free food from known franchise that charges alot on land; is charge a la carte prices at $2.99-7.99. Then, only people that have the money and/or willing to pay at those prices, will be only ones to eat there - and that's true about any specialty restaurant on a ship, not just NCL.
  5. Tomorrow for 12 day trip [emoji16] [emoji126] 364 days til 3 week B2B [emoji3] [emoji4] Sent from my SM-N910T3 using Tapatalk
  6. Tomorrow for 12 Breakaway trip [emoji126] [emoji16] 364 days til 3 week B2B Escape & Getaway trip [emoji3] [emoji4] Sent from my SM-N910T3 using Tapatalk
  7. Personally, NCL is one of the those lines where you better: 1) buy a package or get the promo for dining and/or drinking if you know you're going do both or either one heavily 2) bring a budget of at least $200-500 per person for dining / drinking if not buying the package/promo if you're not heavy eater / drinker but still want to go to the bar / specialty restaurant at least few times during the trip ~and/or ~ 3) have some extremely good self-control / curb your cravings because NCL even limits amount of how much you can eat/drink even at the buffet. (For example - Better come in with your own travel mug / tumblers because the cups on the ships are teeny tiny, that you have to get up or ordered more a couple of times to quench your thirst - and this was before Del Rio / Stuart took over) All lines you have to budget for but on NCL you can't be greedy glutton at all times and expect all the food, even specialty and lunch to be included in the fare - it's not happening. Either cough up the money for the specialty dining if you're planning to eat there more than 3 times during the trip ~OR~ learn to make due with complimentary dining by learning the layout / time schedule of the places especially the buffet. Because, let's be honest - still have 3-4 complimentary places to dine at that's still included in the fare and if you're not liking those choices, then pay up. And if you don't want to pay up - then reconsider ever sailing on NCL again, because those really are the only 2 options on that cruise line (complimentary or pay extra). Same exact thing with the non-alcoholic drinks and wine - either bring your own, drink the ship's limited free options, or buy/pay extra from the ship. Really, I will never understand people that claim they are nickel & dimed on extras like specialty dining / soda/ wine, that's not included in the fare but is completely separate cost anyway. I know what nickel & dime ploys with no free/complimentary/low-cost options looks like and some of these people; honestly just want extra costs options/services of a luxury line without paying a single cent of it on a budget / mass market line, which is what NCL is. Pretty much wanting an all-inclusive experience on a cruise line that pretty much exclusive .....
  8. I needed a good laugh before my trip on Sunday anyway. :D Margaritaville's a la carte pricing is the same as regular corporate fast food restaurant in NYC, and way less than other franchises on land, so I'm not seeing the big deal here....
  9. When someone stay claiming they get negligent service every time they cruise and then they reduced / remove the DSC just as well - Makes me wonder if the problem is just them being PITA and not the staff? Really, the room steward(s) didn't leave any spare toilet paper rolls in the bottom sink cabinets for days? I find that one hard to believe; guess she and her family had to go the public restroom to wipe their tush and/or take rolls from there.....:rolleyes:
  10. Exactly - and it takes supposedly 2 weeks to process the form but the actual refund (from what it sounds from those that tried to get the DSC amount) takes 3-4 weeks. Can't get any more discretionary (or is jerky, the more appropriate term) to those customers that want remove than that.[emoji57] Sent from my SM-N910T3 using Tapatalk
  11. Its also discretionary on NCL's part when to refund it back too. :rolleyes:;)
  12. Yes, yes it is - Because they can make the claim that they did without giving the name of the employees they said they give tips to and in actuality, they didn't tip at all. At least with the new DSC refund policy, they're on the hook for at least 2 weeks after trip - Whether or not NCL is going to verify the removers actually tipped in cash, who knows?
  13. There's always doing stay-vacation, especially if you live in area that has alot going on, like NYC.[emoji3] [emoji16] Sent from my SM-N910T3 using Tapatalk
  14. The charge includes the room steward that cleans the room and turns down the bed. NCL can always raise the service fees like they twice this year. *shrug* Sent from my SM-N910T3 using Tapatalk
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