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  1. Ironically there is a second article on the NYT today regarding aerosol transmission which also talks about the Diamond Princess. Don't know if this is behind the paywall, I have a subscription. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/30/opinion/coronavirus-aerosols.html?action=click&module=Opinion&pgtype=Homepage
  2. Very interesting reading indeed however I have a minor quibble. The article states that "But good ventilation is not enough; the Diamond Princess was well ventilated and the air did not recirculate, the researchers noted." (emphasis added). That is not true. The air in the cabins is indeed recirculated but only within the individual cabins but more important, the air in the common areas, hallways, atrium, clubs, restaurants, theater, etc. is indeed recirculated with a mixture of fresh AND recycled air. So if COVID particles stay in the air for a while like the study suggests, c
  3. They do have the cash, they just don't want to use it for refunds. CCL took $3 Billion from an established credit line and an additional $6 Billion from multiple sources, primarily debt at 12% interest.
  4. Negative comments on the Princess Board as well, some even worse.
  5. Hmm... I wonder why; could it be because what you said is indeed wrong!
  6. You have posted the same message all over Cruise Critic, not nice.
  7. Your analogy has no logic. If a shark attacks you while diving, it affects you; the shark is of no consequence for those on land. If a passenger catches COVID on a ship and disembarks, he will infect countless others on land. It is not YOU accepting whatever the risk, it is YOUR poor decisions affecting others. Hopefully you can get your head around that.
  8. Yeap, I got that from reading the links. What does not make sense is that preserving the so called "safe bubble" does not work if others are coming and going.
  9. The underlined comments do not make sense: "Adding to the frustration is that the MSC CIVMARs cannot leave the ship, but uniformed military personnel and contractors are coming and going from the ship. Though they are supposed to be following Navy and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines such as wearing personal protective equipment and social distancing, multiple CIVMARs sent USNI News anonymous emails saying they felt they were being kept prisoner in what was supposed to be a clean bubble but which actually wasn’t a healthy environment due to the number of other p
  10. Well, the CDC did not blink and CCL (HAL) finally agreed to sign the certifications and send the crew members home by private transport. According to her Facebook page the subject crew member boarded a private plane two hours ago from California to Florida. Other crew members from the East coast are also on board. Glad to see that they are headed home.
  11. Certificates are not difficult to create however try getting my browser to trust it. But nonetheless, I am not going to debate that on a cruise forum. 🙄
  12. Very good point, thanks... Attached is part of the certificate of the NSW questionnaire portal (much more if one scrolls down), looks all legit to me. What do you think? (for those that do not know, to see it on Chrome click on the lock icon, then certificate, and then details). And BTW the site is encrypted.
  13. Again, the information requested is not sent to the NSW by email. The email from the NSW directs the paxs to a secure portal of the police where one can fill out the form if they so wish. That is a big difference. The brokerage firm I use sends me occasional emails which prompt me to log on to their secure (and encrypted) portal using 2 factor authentication. To reiterate they send me emails but no one replies to the emails with personal info, we go into their secure encrypted portal, a critical difference.
  14. Well... if you look at the form you can see that the DL # is not starred, i.e., "not required". And regarding your other questions, just think a bit.... the NSW needs to confirm that you are who you say you are and thus the answers you provide are valid. Otherwise anyone could fill out the form, even those that were not on the sailing. As The Australian article states: "Police will then conduct interviews with those who give noteworthy responses, with a team of 30 detectives being led by the state's homicide squad."
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