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  1. Had to return to our favorite ship!!! We were on the Divina for a W. Caribbean sailing on 04/12/2014. We decided to try the NCL Getaway E. Caribbean cruise on 09/27/2014. Within two hours, my wife and I were pulling out out new Iphones and showing pictures of the Divina to others that we met at the pool bar. To fulfill our BOGO offer, we then sailed the NCL Sky Bahamas cruise on 02/16/2015. We always knew that we’d return to Capt. Scala’s Divina and just booked the 04/04/2015 E. Caribbean sailing!!! It's great to be back.....I think American Bear once said that he thought we would be back. He was right and we had a feeling that for our style of cruising, we would return again.
  2. WOW!!! That is unfortunate! Back in April, it always took about 30-90 seconds to get a drink. I used the drink coupons and tipped the bartenders the final night. I suppose if I tipped after every drink, I may have gotten the drinks quicker but I figured that since I was on vacation, the minute wait was acceptable. I have cruised Royal Caribbean in the past and NCL recently. Although the NCL bartenders were amazing, I CAN'T WAIT TO GET BACK ON THE DIVINA!!!
  3. That's great to hear. Not that the bartender's attitudes back in April bothered me, but now I have nothing but great things to say about MSC!!!
  4. Sailed the Divina 4/12, sailed the NCL Getaway on 09/27. Incredibly happy and friendly bartenders on the Getaway. Not so on the Divina. Nevertheless, we will be booking the Divina again and again. Much love here for MSC and the Divina!!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Perhaps one too many Ketels and tonic. Oh well, what can you do?
  6. .....And I believe that the majority of the negative trolls are employed in the travel industry. A few months back, I caught them in a few of their lies regarding MSC.
  7. I don't recall much Latin music when I sailed the Divina back in April. If there was, I guess it didn't bother me that much. I do remember that the nightly shows, in particular, Sunday-Thursday were fantastic!
  8. Just got off of the Norwegian Cruise Line Getaway ship. The Getaway had friendlier bartenders. That's it!!! Everything else, I enjoyed much more on the Divina. Oh how I miss the Divina!!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. Personally, I would give Andre a 10. Now on the other hand, I would give JC Sanchez aboard NCL's Getaway a 2. It was the difference between night and day!!! Andre was so enjoyable whereas JC was sarcastic and he thought he was a lot funnier than he was. Just my opinion. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Here is my comparison between my MSC Divina and Norwegian Cruise Line’s Getaway cruise. BACKGROUND: On April 12th, 2014, my wife and I boarded the Divina for a 7 night Western Caribbean cruise. On Sept. 27th, 2014 we boarded the NCL Getaway for a 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise. We are very casual cruisers and are in the 45-50 age group. On the Divina, we purchased an inside (I1) cabin. On the Getaway, we purchased a balcony (BC) cabin. Our price for the Divina cabin was $369 pp, with a $50 onboard credit. Our price for the Getaway was $839 pp, with a $225 onboard credit. This also included a free 4 night cruise for two to the Bahamas in February aboard the NCL Sky. Although the price of the Getaway was more expensive, if money was no object, we both preferred cruising on the Divina. On the Divina, we purchased drink coupons. On the Getaway, we purchased the Ultimate dining package at $119 pp. This allowed us to dine at the specialty restaurants each night and admission to the Illusionarium magic show on the first night. While on the Divina, we strictly ate at the buffets. On the Getaway, we ate breakfast and lunch at the buffets and dined at the specialty restaurants at night. Here is my scorecard of each cruises. Keep in mind this is subjective and your experiences are sure to be different: Embarkation: Divina A; 10 minute wait. Getaway C; 50 minute wait. The attendant put my face on my wife’s cruise card and vice versa. We then waited an additional 30 minutes in the back of the line to board the ship. Cleanliness of ship: Divina A Getaway A Overall friendliness of staff: Divina B Getaway A Friendliness of bartenders: Divina C Getaway A+ Breakfast buffet variety: Divina A Getaway A+ (Getaway had 3 omelet stations where Divina had none) Quality of food on breakfast buffet: Divina A Getaway A Lunch buffet variety: Divina A (This includes the pizza at sea). Getaway C Quality of food on lunch buffet: Divina B Getaway C Dinner buffet variety: Divina C Getaway C Quality of food on dinner buffet: Divina C Getaway C Desserts: Divina B Getaway C Night time entertainment: Divina A+ Getaway D; With the exception of the Illusionarium show ($25 charge if you do not have dining package), the Getaway just did not compare to the Divina. We actually politely walked out of the Legally Blonde show which I believe was geared to teenage girls which hardly made up the demographics of passengers. Onboard physical activities: Divina C Getaway A; This included many watersides, climbing wall, ropes course and zip line. Pool/sundeck area: This was important to me. The pool deck and sunning area around the pool on the Getaway was half the size of the Divina. There were other places around the ship to relax in the sun, but a large midship pool/deck is what I prefer. Divina B Getaway D Amphitheater: Divina A+ Getaway C Disembarkation: Divina F; Maybe there was a unknown delay, but it took more than an hour to disembark as we chose to carry our own bags off. Getaway: A; Once again, we chose to carry our own bags off and were off in less than 10 minutes. Overall value: Divina A+ Getaway B Conclusion: Although both ships are roughly the same size and amount of passengers were the same, the Divina had more of a “together feel”. From the second night in the amphitheater on the Divina, when the amazing cruise director announced the staff and Capt. Scala to us, until the second from last night when they bid us all a farewell and thanked us, it was a warm welcoming feeling that you got from sailing the Divina. The Getaway on the other hand lacked this camaraderie. It could have been that there was actually too many things going on at different times and different places on the Getaway, whereas on the Divina, the amphitheater would have two shows every night and because of the size of the amphitheater, everyone was able to attend and enjoyed and got to know the cruise director and staff. I did enjoy the Getaway’s specialty restaurants: Teppanyaki, Moderno and Cagney’s. I do like the concept of drink coupons on the Divina. The $6.04 beers that I was drinking on the Getaway would have been about $3.75 on the Divina. I do wish that the Divina would incorporate a few omelet stations on their breakfast buffet. The Getaway, with its’ warm woods and furnishings gave the vessel a rich feeling. The Divina, with its’ atrium of crystal, marble and metals exuded elegance and class. Even if price was no object, I would still prefer to sail on the Divina. From the minute that I stepped off the Divina in April, I knew that we would return, and we will.
  11. I am planning a little special prize called the Milf Malf Award. (Flim Flam Award backwards). I'm not at liberty to discuss at this time who the front running recipient might be. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Yep, getting ready for my NCL Getaway cruise in 50 days,(balcony stateroom). I did sail on the Divina on April 12, (smallest inside stateroom). I wouldn't hesitate for a second to get back on the Divina!!!...even in an inside stateroom.
  13. Thanks. As my kids are grown, alot of those issues won't be a problem. I have read other complaints, such as yours regarding pool layout, towel animals...etc.
  14. Thank you very much for your review. With our upcoming sailing, our UDP & show reservations have been made. I wasn't really sure if the Getaway was for us but after reading your review, I know that the negatives that you experienced will not be an issue for us and are looking forward to our sailing more now than ever!!!
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