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  1. Hi screen-gem, I am still awaiting your booking number, which is helpful for us to reach out to you. Since you’re comfortable using full names and titles of our team members I’m confident you’ll be equally comfortable posting here your full name and booking number. Thank you.
  2. Hi oddjob16, this has been corrected, it now says NORWAY. Thank you for letting me know.
  3. Thank you Doh15 ❤️ Welcome to the family!
  4. Hi LuAnn, Hopefully you saw my post asking you to email our LCV ambassador Sandra at LCVambassador@leclubvoyage.com
  5. Thank you vival! I'm glad it was settled to your satisfaction. And I especially appreciate your mention that you are happy with our Azamara head office ❤️ ❤️ We have a very devoted team; each and every one is passionate about the company and the product we deliver to our guests. A newcomer to this forum might think otherwise.
  6. Are you referring to the TBDs in the schedule as faulty, oddjob16?
  7. The Senior Officer Schedule has been updated: https://www.azamaraclubcruises.com/life-onboard/crew/senior-officer-schedule
  8. Thank you for considering our suites! Here's the web page on our suites and what is included: https://www.azamaraclubcruises.com/our-ships/suites
  9. Hi LuAnn, Please email LCVambassador@leclubvoyage.com. Our LCV ambassador, Sandra, promises to look into your situation early next week. Hopefully we can get you back on the mailing list soon! p.s. I only occasionally read this thread since there is little I can do about upgrades (past or future). That is why I suggested you move your query about getting emails to a more relevant thread title.
  10. Hi Screen-gem, I will make sure this thread reaches the appropriate eyes! I can't speak to why your shore excursion was changed last minute, something must have required it. And I do hope together we can get to the bottom of it all. I can definitely apologize for our staff not getting back to you...not onboard nor ashore. That is not they way we do business, and as Phil writes it is a shame to read of this on a public forum. This tells me you've tried everything. I do apologize. Would you share with us the booking number you sailed under on Pursuit Rome-Venice?
  11. Hi Wandering Words, We have two (2) excursions for Kaohsiung on offer, and online. If you are comfortable providing me your booking number, I can have someone investigate on our end why you're not seeing them. Re the complimentary shuttles in port, they are something the ship personnel arranges according to conditions.
  12. [This is from Miami HQ...] Hello from the Azamara team in Miami! Thank you for the input from the Cruise Critic community, your involvement and feedback is always appreciated. Firstly, we apologize for any confusion or miscommunication that was provided onboard, this thread and the feedback from the ship have both been reviewed and are being addressed onboard for coaching and development purposes. As Bonnie has noted in previous posts, we have removed the Cruise Global; Bike Local program, and have removed the folding bikes. We can also confirm that the bikes on Azamara Pursuit were donated in Cape Verde, by our Hotel Director Ryszard and team; Bonnie shared a great photo of this with the Cruise Critic community. We're in the process of reintroducing bike tours which will be offered with 3rd party operators in locations that bikes are available. We look forward to hosting our guests on these new bike tours as they become available. Thanks for the healthy discussion and feedback, we look forward to seeing you onboard again soon
  13. Hi Vival, yes there IS compensation for your air. Your TA will have all the information. Just wondering, are you domestic (US) or booking international? Did you receive the letter discussing the changes or did you hear verbally? I ask because the other day I looked for your voyage Roll Call to post the letter but there wasn’t a Roll Call.
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