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  1. We are dining at 7:45 on Jewel of the Seas. I prefer dining at 7pm, but most cruiselines don't have that so 7:45 sounds good to me for an early time for late dining.
  2. I will never do four days at sea from Hawaii to Ensenada. The first two days were fine, but the water temps drop as you near the west coast and the wind made it too cold and breezy to stay outdoors for the last two sea days. Next time I will fly both ways and take the cruise that goes from Hawaii to the Fanning Islands-- where the ocean air is warm and tropical. I didn't mind sailing NY to the Caribbean last December because the temps went up as we got into the gulfstream off Maryland in the afternoon on our first day at sea. On the way home, we were having a 72 degree afternoon at 3pm on our last sea day. Temps didn't cool off until dinner time. We were docked early the next norming. That was not bad, but 4 consecutive sea days from Hawaii was 2 too many for me. Mary Plymouth, MA
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