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  1. I have 25 cruises under my belt starting way back in the last century [1974] I have taken 7 cruises on Carnival, 7 on NCL, 4 on RCCL, 1 on HAL and several other lines - some that don't exist any longer. Never have we had a bad cruise. Yes there is a difference to each line. I found HAL a bit stuffy and I find the mixture of classes of people on Carnival intriguing. That being said I recommend a cruise to a wonderful location your parents will love and the " ship " that fits your families needs. Then relax and don't worry about which line just which ship.
  2. Worst ship I ever sailed on is the Sunshine ! It was crowed with lack of open areas for guests to hang out. The comedy club was 'So Small' you had to line-up 30-45 minutes ahead of time to get into the next show. Then the room had TV's on the sides so the passengers stuck sitting there could watch on tv what was happening on stage. I could deal with all that -but - my real problem was the vibrations of the ship every day of the 8 day cruise. I could feel the ship shake all over the ship and especially the rear [aft] which is where all the dining options were. Needless to say it ruined my experience and this was cruise # 25 for me. If it had happened on my first cruise I never would have had all the great trips I've had.
  3. Ship - Liberty Deck - Riviera deck 1 Stateroom # - 1390 Stateroom Category – Ocean View 6B Starboard or Port Side - Port Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Very Quiet Must admit that occasionally we could hear some door open below us to the ocean. Not a problem just funny. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No Balcony View - – N/A Any specific problems with this cabin? - None Cabin was very nice. Usual size for the conquest ships. Great picture window with nice ledge for leaning on to watch the ocean action. Also great for saving towels animals on. The only quirk we had with this room was that the mattresses kept slipping off the frame. We had to re-position often. Never had that happen before. As others have stated the mini 'chiller' / frig is not really cold but did keep drinks cooler and held cheese from dinner till mid-night snack time. Would book this cabin and ship again [ Conquest ships are the perfect size for us.]
  4. Fantastic review, I really enjoyed reading it and the pictures also. We will be on the Liberty in May for a 4 day going to Freeport / Nassau. Can't wait . Sounds like we will enjoy this ship. Thanks for sharing
  5. We sailed May 2018 on the Sunshine and will never again do that ship. The smell of smoke is as bad as everyone says. Smells go out into the Atrium area also. My main problem with the ship is I felt every vibration from the engines. On an 8 day cruise I was ill 6 days. Never have I felt this way in 20+ cruises. The food was wonderful both at the Lido deck and MDR. I could only eat in the MDR section closest to the middle of the boat. If I went any further back I started to feel sick. The Comedy club is Sooo Small for a ship this size. Therefore you had to get in line early to get a seat where you could see the stage & not have to watch it on TV. The staff were excellent in all the departments. The cabins are also very nice. Enjoyed the ports to.
  6. Ship: Conquest Deck: Main Stateroom # 2286 Stateroom category: Oceanview 6C Port side Connecting stateroom: No Quiet: Very quiet and close to elevators View: Large window in cabin Low to the water Great view of waves. Specific Comments about this cabin: Close to Atrium elevators. No doors across from our door so very quiet location. Specific Comments about this Ship: We loved the decor of this ship. The art work was so interesting and in every nook and cranny there was more. Very colorful and vibrant. Cruised in Nov. 2017 and loved this ship. Want to book her again in 2019. ..................................................................................................... Ship: Sunshine Deck: Main Stateroom: 2175 Category: Oceanview 6C Side: Starboard Connecting room: No Quite: NO / Crew Door right across from our door There was lots of door slamming and cleaning carts left around our door. Also sometimes you could hear the "ding" of the elevators in the bathroom. View: Large window in this cabin. Good view of the water and waves & flying fish. Specific Comments about this cabin: This Main deck seemed a bit higher above the water then most I have been on. We like being close to the water line. Specific Comments about this Ship: The motion of this ship was the worst I have ever been on. It wasn't a problem with stabilizers but more a problem with the whole ship vibrating constantly. I felt ill every day and had a hard time finding a table in the MDR where the vibrations weren't horrible. I spoke to staff and other cruisers and they all agreed it was a rough riding ship. We cruised in May 2018. We will never go on the Sunshine again. ....................................................................................................... We also have sailed the Carnivale, the Holiday, the Celebration and the Legend. We loved them all but don't remember the specifics other then the first three were inside cabins and the Legend was a Balcony.
  7. A few years ago we did the cave tubing with native lunch and it was great. We booked through shoretrips.com with no problems [we also used them in 2 other ports] Matter of fact - the people on the ship tour were jealous of the Cadillac of inner tubes we had complete with neck pillow for comfortable drifting. Plus our group was only 16 people and theirs was more like 60. The independent tour companies are very good at getting you back to docks on time.
  8. Czecholady

    Belize safe??

    So true - you just have to be aware no matter where you are.
  9. I couldn't agree with you more about the rocking and vibration of this ship: This was my 25th cruise and it's the 1st time I am saying never again to a ship. Starting with day 2 I felt sick from the motion of the ship. Even in my lower deck mid-ship cabin [2175] I could feel the constant rolling of the ship. I've never had such a feeling. During the cruise I came across 8 other people who felt the same way and all of us were multiple cruisers. Now I know 8 out of 3004 is not a high percentage but it's enough to keep me on other ships and not the 'destiny class' ships. Thankfully my companion had no problems with the ship motion. Also the casino must be walked through to get from front to back of the ship. Unless you want to go up or down a deck and work your way through. Smoke from the casino could be smelled in the atrium area as the casino entrance was only feet away with no doors or air machine. I noticed they ran an air purifier at the back of the casino.
  10. Thanks for the information. We were asked for a "donation" to get the stamp in St. Kitts last fall. Even so $5 for 2 passport stamping was the cheapest souvenir's I got that day. They were not the most pleasant workers either. In Antigua we had much friendlier workers and no request for $$$. Forgot about it in Grand Turk - so will try our next trip. Years ago we got stamps in Nassau right at the pier.
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