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  1. Is bottled water included with the owners suite? Or the Hawaii beverage package?
  2. Ohh! I agree with you. I think I would like the music but we wouldn’t like being on display like that. 😳
  3. Yes, with so many to choose from, it was hard to make a choice. The hot tub on the balcony was what tipped us towards the OS.
  4. If you are looking at the owners suites, I think the ones on deck 13 have larger living areas but do not have a hot tub on the balcony if that matters to you.
  5. Wow! It sounds like such a nice relaxing way to start your cruise. I’m used to the madness at port of Miami for most of my Caribbean cruises. Realy looking forward to this trip.😁
  6. That is good to know. I have mostly sailed Carnival so far. I am looking forward to the “Norwegian experience” 😎
  7. Thank you so much for that reply. We sail in November and I am sooo looking forward to this trip. I always try to be onboard and start the adventure as soon as possible. 🤪
  8. I have searched as best I can for the answer to this but I have had no luck. I must admit the “new” message boards are really frustrating to me. Sooo I apologize if this is a redundant thread. Can anyone tell me what the earliest guests staying in suites (in this case owners suite) can board the Pride of America? What time can you start check-in in the priority lounge? Thanks! Flip
  9. That is awesome. We’re you in a suite?
  10. The liberty was the first steakhouse I went to. 🙂 That is a shame you were turned away. The post about allowing them on embarkation night was VERY recent on John's site. Either way one of the biggest problems with all of this is not the rules or that they are not clear. The problem lies in Carnival's inconsistent procedures for enforcing rules from ship to ship and from sailing to sailing. If you could know what to expect on EVERY ship, EVERY time you sail, this would not even be a issue worth posting about.
  11. I received and email from carnival yesterday saying that the port of Miami had announced that one of the gangway ramps would not be available for our embarkation this coming Sunday and that check in times were pushed back an hour. Does anyone know how this affects platinum and FTTF guests that are not required to follow a check in time? Thanks! Flip
  12. We are sailing this Sunday the 25th. I got an email yesterday saying the check in times had all been pushed back and hour because one of the gangway ramps was not going to be available and boarding would be slowed down significantly. I wonder if those times are posted that way in response to the ports announcement that the ramp was broken and under repair.?
  13. When I saw this topic, I initially rolled my eyes thinking this was just another RC vs Carnival plug fest. I'm glad I opened this one up. I really like the way you have broken your analysis down into categories taking in to account that they both do certain things better, the same as, and/or worse than each other. Great thread. /following 🙂 Flip
  14. You are correct. They follow whatever the main dining room schedule is but shorts are not allowed even on casual nights in the steakhouse. There is however 1 exception now. It was posted on John Heald's site that they will allow shorts on embarkation night. They do this because of folks that haven't gotten their luggage and don't have access to their dress slacks by dinner time.
  15. I hope it is the same on the Magic. Thank you for that info. I was on the Vista last December but we decided to do JiJis on embarkation and didn’t notice if the Shack was open or not.
  16. Can anyone that is currently on the Magic or sailed on the magic last week tell me if the newly opened Seafood Shack is open on embarkation day? We are sailing November 25 and I was thinking of taking advantage of that 1st day if it is open. /licking lips already
  17. Nevermind this post. Just saw on John Healds Facebook page where he confirmed it.
  18. MMMMMM We really enjoyed the Seafood Shack last December on the Vista. We are on the Magic November 25 th and that would be awesome!! Can anyone on the Magic or recently off confirm please? /licking my lips
  19. FijiFlip

    Belize Excursions

    Yes, both are Carnival excursions.
  20. FijiFlip

    Belize Excursions

    We are visiting Belize on our November 25th cruise on the Magic. We are scheduled to do the Snorkling Wonders of the Barrier Reef. That one has you picked up by boat directly from the ship instead of tendering in to the port. I think the boat ride is 30 minutes. So we don’t have to do the ship tender and then get on a bus. We we did the Belize City Tour and Altun Ha Mayan Ruins on a cruise to Belize a few years backAfter tendering over we got on the bus tour and then went out to the ruins. It was a long time in the bus but the ruins are amazing. I saw they have one that does a river boat tour instead of a bus tour. That one might be interesting but I would imagine you are still going to have to spend some time on a bus. Most of those attractions are on the opposite side of the island from the cruise port. There just doesn’t seem to be as many excursions to choose from in Belize this time. ☹️ Have a a great time in Belize and on the rest of your cruise!!
  21. While you are correct that they use the same WiFi and will both have issues when WiFi signals are low, they are not using the same coding. My experience on my last 2 cruises using the hub app is that it has quirks and glitches that will delay and or fail on some messages. I never had a delay or fail on text messages using my iPhone app. While it was not a constant or critical failure, I was already purchasing the social media WiFi package and the iPhone texts were just more reliable. I discovered this when I was sending out messages to our group with the hub app and sending and additional message to my wife via iPhone text. My iPhone texts were many times delivered minutes before the hub texts. Again, not critical but more of an annoyance.
  22. Thomas (TJ) Partida is now listed for our sailing. anyone every sailed with him?
  23. The Hub app worked well for us on our last 2 cruises. The chat had a few hiccups every once in a while. Sometimes, even when I had the app open, it didn’t give a notification when a message was recieved. Every once in a while there would also be a delay in messages sent sooo on our last cruise on the Vista, we also purchased the social media WiFi package for both my wife and I. We used our text message app on the iPhones also and between the two never had any problems communicating with our group. The app also gives you everything listed on the fun times in digital. You can favorite activities and it will send you notification when it is about to start. I think you will be happy with it even if you don’t have the backup with WiFi . I get a little over kill sometimes being the trip planner in the family 🤪
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