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  1. I'd love to, if I could figure out how to create a new roll call subject.
  2. We are a family party of six (Grandparents, Parents and two grown Grandkids) sailing on the MSC Seaside March 14 - 21, 2020 out of Miami. We have scheduled the Stingray City Sandbar /Reef excursion offered by Stingray Sailing (stingraysailing@gmail.com) for March 17th in Georgetown Cayman Islands. It is a half day excursion for $65 per person. The excursion boat is smaller and limited to two dozen passengers. Currently, the six of us are it! If interested, please check with Stingray Sailing.
  3. Will visit Ensenada in February 2019. Any recommendations for tours? How convenient are shopping, dining and drinking venues to port . . . walking distance?
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