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  1. Everyone knows prices differ all over the world and it can work in your favour or against you, and yes that's life. But that's very different to non-refundable deposits, charges for making changes and not being able to access any price drops. Why should we have to try find a reputable T/A in another country to avoid this? Personally, we like to sit face to face with a t/a, and if there are any problems later on, we can go sit back in front of them again until it's resolved. (Believe me, spending months speaking to the Customer Services in India, of one of the largest holiday companies, trying to correct an error of their making, really makes you think twice about booking online or over the phone again. :() We personally aren't complaining about possible price differences between countries, it's just about having the same administrative system as others that's all. I would be curious to know how many US cruisers use UK based travel agents?
  2. Bit of a random question but we've recently been wondering if we should have booked 2 cruises instead of just the 1, whilst onboard. Would that take away any issues of whether you can get the price adjustments or not? I realise that you wouldn't necessarily be able to keep the same cabin number and it's reliant on there being availability in the same category, but would it be better to have half a chance than no chance of getting any price drops? Hope my questions makes sense :D.
  3. Respectfully, I'm afraid I don't agree with saying "some members are confused and their posts are causing a lot more confusion" especially without having first hand knowledge of their situations. There was certainly no confusion with our price drop experience and our invoices etc. prove that. What I will say is that X are not always consistent. When our t/a initially contacted X about "unlimited free changes if booked onboard ship" Celebrity UK didn't know what she was talking about and insisted any alterations to a booking (no matter where it was booked) would cost £75pp. She had to send them a copy of the T's&C's we got whilst booking onboard. So before we booked our cruise onboard this time, I did ask the sales staff about this and they said that sometimes when the terms and conditions alter, it takes a little while for those changes to filter to the UK offices and into their staff training. Maybe this is why there are inconsistencies in peoples' experiences?
  4. Yes we kept the exact same booking reference and the 2 perks from the original booking. They adjusted the price down and issued an updated invoice. I can totally understand why you would book in the US and we’ve considered doing the same thing. Nothing about booking in the UK is consistent is it and it’s so frustrating. :(
  5. As I said previously, I have read the T's & C's and I have several copies, which where give to me by the cruise sales staff whilst onboard ship. They also came with the documentation of the new booking. Several months after we returned home there was huge price drop so our t/a spoke to Celebrity. Our invoice was then adjusted to the new lower price and and no it was definitely not in the form of obc.
  6. Believe me, I have read the T&C's thoroughly, and I can only speak from our experience. Last year there was a large price drop on our cruise, and we were allowed to do it.
  7. We have found that the only way to definitely benefit from price drops and unlimited free changes (before final payment date), is by booking the cruise whilst onboard doing another cruise. Even if we aren't sure where we want to go, we book a cruise that we think we MAY like to do, and can relax knowing that if we do change our minds when we get home, then we can change it as many times as we like, and have nothing to pay. When booking in the UK there is a £75 per person charge every time we make a change to the booking which has always made us think twice before booking. The staff on the ships seem very well aware of the frustrations.
  8. Do Celebrity release cabins for sale at different stages in the year? We are looking at a cruise in late 2019 and I was surprised at how many cabins are not available for booking already. I understand that some destinations are more popular than others, and so it may actually be booked up so far in advance. I am also booking on the UK website and wondered if we see the same cabin availability as the US websites does?
  9. Thanks for all of your thoughts and info, they've been very helpful :D. We have just arrived home from 10 days on the Constellation and loved it!! The crew were fantastic and so friendly, and although the ship is also looking a little tired, it didn't stop us from having a great holiday. We booked the Canada & New England sailing 09/08/19 whilst onboard, which looks to have a good itinerary. The only question mark hanging over it now is whether to move it to the later sailing? Quite a few of the US and Canadian passengers said that going a little later will give us more of a chance of seeing it at its most beautiful.
  10. We sailed out of Venice and we end there as well. It’s been a great itinerary and would definitely recommend it. Celebrity do have similar itineraries on some later cruises, with the exception of the overnight in Dubrovnik. There is one on 27th Sept 2018, also 31st May 2019 and 28 June 2019. Hope that helps :D Can you tell I’ve been looking at all the future cruises so that I can book our next one whilst still onboard!
  11. We are currently onboard the Constellation, and looking to book our next cruise. We are considering a cruise out of Cape Liberty upto Canada on the Summit and wondered what she is like? We have also been told she is having a re-fit next year and wondered if that was true?
  12. We are actually on the cruise now, (Celebrity Constellation) and coincidently are just about to port in Dubrovnik for 2 days. We left Venice on the 28th May. The other cruise we did, which overnighted in Dunbrovnik, was also Celebrity. It’s been a great cruise so far and excellent Itinerary so would definitely recommend it.
  13. Whilst on our cruise later this month, we will be in Dubrovnik for 2 days. We have spent a similar time on a previous cruise here as well, and had a lovely time exploring the city, walking the wall, the cable car and also took a boat trip. This time we are considering travelling outside the city and wondered about Cavtat, or Mostar? Or does anyone have any recommendations? (We are also porting in Zadar and Kotor on the days either side of Dubrovnik) Any advice would be appreciated, many thanks.
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