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  1. It was a fabulous cruise - one of the best I've had!! Great people, lovely atmosphere. No illness onboard (well not Covid or Flu related anyway) tho I believe a chap had a heart attack near the flow rider and we had a Med Evac near the Azores. We got off the ship easily, did a short morning tour in Montserrat and then got dropped at the airport. No issues at all at BCN, no crowding or lines, but we were travelling back to the UK not to the states. xxx
  2. Gotchya! I'll likely throw out a review once I've cruised 🙂
  3. Can anyone clarify what will be included? I've assumed Chops, Giovanis and Izumi. Just wondered about Rita's? When we had it on Navigator, it included Playmates bar food. Anyone have any direct experience? (if not, I'll be onboard from 18th to 31st on a back to back cruise and I'll let you know xxx) Daisy xx
  4. In my experience they haven't chosen the restaurant. I usually head straight to where I want to eat on the first night as soon as I board, and there is Usually someone there at the booking desk to sort me out. On the last cruise I have Ultimate dining package and they booked me in for the first couple of nights at the same time (They can book you into any restaurant from any of the speciality restaurants) Debs xx
  5. I'm coeliac and also Lactose intollerant. I've found that on many ships now they have a Gluten Free section and things like milk alternatives. In my case, I have found it best to ask the most "in charge" person you can find - Head waiter, Head Chef etc. Next tip is to give them plenty of notice and choose in advance - MDR or Speciality restaurants. The Menus are available in advance for each day, or in the case of the speciality restaurants, its the same menu so they know it inside out and can advise on whats possible for you. Of course its more difficult when its little one
  6. Once you get onboard, go straight over to the restaurant you want to eat at that night - there will be someone on the desk to book you in, regardless of where Royal might have put you. TBH I've never had any dinner reservations in my cabin once I got onboard and I've always gone straight to the restaurant and booked in. Daisy xxx
  7. The final bit of my review - Best Of The Rest - El Loco Fresh and Playmakers!! I adored El Loco Fresh on Symphony and it was just as great on Navigator!! Most of the toppings or fillings are GF including chilli beef, and the nachos, cheese sauce and the salsas!! Really great shredded salad also, which made lunch there a lovely fresh naturally GF experience. My choice was usually a plate of Nachos, with chilli beef and lots of salsas and salad. Oooh and the sour cream and spring onion dip was a fave!! And the best part? IT IS INCLUDED - not a speciality venue. P
  8. Sorry for being absent, I was getting back on track after my cruise!! - a few replies.... KansCocoa, I totally agree on this front!! Meringue is a great GF base for deserts, as are Flourless choc cakes. TBH, GF Flour is very available and cheap these days, and most cakes can be made using a straight swap!!! Truly tho, I don't think I can face another Creme Brulee!!! LadyDivot I liked Navigator a lot and the new changes were brilliant!! Pool Deck and Lime And Coconut Bar were great places to meet people. They have a new system (new to me) of serving the soft serve icec
  9. Recently on Navigator and can confirm Playmakers is included. Great for the Icecream Sundaes which had scoops from the Ben And Jerrys tho that isn't included!! Winner!!! 🙂 Also Izumi standard sushi restaurant included with $35 spend 🙂
  10. I've just posted a review of speciality dining GF on Navigator with unlimited dining 🙂 just incase anyone is interested. Now then, I've found that off the menu stuff varies hugely from ship to ship. I've asked similar questions and the best answers of great service nearly always come from those with children. Sadly I don't think they are always as accommodating to us grown up cruisers. Sometimes they are... but not always. I have had brilliant gf freshly made pancakes at breakfast. They were a little too lovely and I put on lots of weight that cruise 🙂 Some other gf goodies a
  11. Chops Grille followed - You can find this Speciality Restaurant on every Royal Caribbean ship - I usually have a Filet Mignon, but decided to try something else this evening... For Starter I had Prawns with a kind of Tomato spicey sauce - A nice appetiser Main Course was Rack Of Lamb, and it was cooked exactly to my order - some fries, sauteed Mushrooms and Creamed Spinach to accompany. For dessert, they didn't have a menu item, but brought me a selection of moussey things from windjammer and some Mango Sorbet! I was happy 🙂 I'll pop a final
  12. Next up was Jamie's Italian. Being from the UK, we have lots of oportunities to eat at Jamie's on land here in Manchester. And the experience onboard a cruise ship is more or less the same. Once again, I let them know I needed GF food before we went and there were lots of choices. For starters, we ordered The Plank - a lovely appetiser and to make it GF they had simply subsituted the usual bread with some GF Toasted Bread. Lots of lovely flavours!! My main course was Short Rib, boneless and served on a bed of creamy mash with veg - I also ordered a side of Garlic
  13. The Unlimited Dining Package - allows you to visit speciality restaurants every night of your trip. In theory, you can even go to more than one - say starter and main courses in one place, nip to another place for a special dessert!! It also allows you to eat Lunch in the speciality restaurants on sea days, so our next meal was Lunch in the truly fabulous IZUMI 🙂 When I booked with the lovely server, I of course mentioned my need for GF again 🙂 As a Coeliac, I often lean towards Sushi when I'm not cruising - its freshly prepared, many non gluten containing options, and very he
  14. 2 - Lets get to the Yummy Stuff!!! Our first speciality restaurant for this cruise was Hooked Seafood Restaurant. I had tried out Hooked onboard Symphony last year, and I was really looking forwards to eating there again. I visited the restaurant after we boarded to book in for the first evening and to give them a heads up on my dietary needs. On Symphony, the Hooked chef had made me some truly mouthwatering Gluten Free Calamari, so naturally I asked about that again - the lovely lass behind the booking desk was sure the chef could do that for me and she even popped back to see
  15. Specially For COELIAC AWARENESS WEEK - My thoughts on cruising Gluten Free with the new Unlimited Dining Package (This first post has info on Coeliacs Disease - feel free to skip it of course) On the first of April this year, what appeared at first to be a really rubbish April fool's joke turned out to be a bit of a disaster. A crane fell on our cruise ship Oasis and our TA cruise was cancelled shortly after. It's always nice though when something good comes out of something not so good and that's where this lovely cruise on Navigator of The Seas comes in. We were l
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