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  1. Just chiming in here to add that we used them to 1) fly into the US, and 2) board Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas. They were really inexpensive, easy to book, great to deal with, and our results came via email the exact minute our appointment was completed. I liked being able to book both my husband and I into a single appointment, to save money & time. We used the green/free tests that we get here in BC.
  2. Yes. We are from Burnaby and used the free test that we received from the BC government. We successfully used telehealth + the test kits to fly into the US and to board Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas. The telehealth company we used for proctoring our tests was: https://lifecenters.ca/. Very inexpensive and easy to use. Results were emailed to us immediately after the testing session ended.
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