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  1. Just chiming in here to add that we used them to 1) fly into the US, and 2) board Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas.


    They were really inexpensive, easy to book, great to deal with, and our results came via email the exact minute our appointment was completed. I liked being able to book both my husband and I into a single appointment, to save money & time.


    We used the green/free tests that we get here in BC.

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  2. Yes. We are from Burnaby and used the free test that we received from the BC government. We successfully used telehealth + the test kits to fly into the US and to board Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas. The telehealth company we used for proctoring our tests was: https://lifecenters.ca/. Very inexpensive and easy to use. Results were emailed to us immediately after the testing session ended. 

  3. 19 hours ago, GeezerCouple said:


    If you already have a relationship with a physician and that's who prescribes your meds and needles/etc., then can't you just phone the office and have them send or email a letter?




    Because of the way our medical system works, I can't just phone my doctor. I have to make an appointment which is going to mean potentially taking time off work for an in-person visit. It seems silly to go through this for a letter when I already have a prescription on-hand for the needles. Which is why I was originally questioning whether Celebrity cares about this "letter".

  4. I'm a big aquafit/water aerobics fan and am wondering if the recent Celebrity sailings have this on offer?


    We are scheduled to sail on Equinox in November and I am really, really hoping to get some aquafit classes in.


    Has anybody recently returned and can answer this question? If yes, class size? Cost? Free? Time of day?


    Many thanks!



  5. Hello fellow wise travelers.


    I am going to be cruising with needles for the first time in November. I called Celebrity today to ensure a sharps disposal container is made available in my room upon embarkation. The call was smooth enough, but I wasn't expecting the request that I bring a doctor's letter "proving" that I need use needles. I asked if it was OK to simply bring my prescription for the needles, and he said that would definitely not suffice.


    Question: Does anybody have any experience with Celebrity actually checking for this doctor's letter when boarding?

    The needles are super tiny, and the medicine itself is in a "pen". The whole set-up is very low-profile (and it's not insulin). I am doubtful it will get noticed when my carry-on bag goes through the scanner at embarkation. It's also not life-saving medicine so if it got lost/denied at embarkation, I would survive.

  6. Ensuring my spouse and I have full medical coverage was one of the last pieces of the puzzle that I needed to figure out before I felt comfortable cruising again. Fortunately I was able to confirm that my company's plan through Sun Life does indeed include coverage for COVID-related medical (and quarantine) while on a cruise. 

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  7. Lots of room on the cat and plenty of seating options whether you wanted under cover (out of the sun) or on deck. Perhaps 30 or so people on our tour? Yes, they could have packed more people on but we had a fabulous day and didn't feel crowded.


    Island looks nice and peaceful! That cat looks huge! How many people were on your excursion? Did you find it crowded at all? I realize it's a cruise ship excursion but hope it's not packed!
  8. The tour started shortly after we docked -- 9:00 am. It may be different depending on when your ship docks. We were met by a company rep who walked us over to the van and guide. The tour was approx 6 hours so very thorough.


    Thank you so much for your review, this is exactly the same tour that I am looking to book for my Adventure cruise in December :)


    How long approximately was this tour? What time did your tour start at?

  9. Because nobody else had signed up for the tour when we were there, we basically had a private tour. Our guide was more than happy to accommodate any changes in timing that we wanted. If you had some strangers in your group, you'd presumably need to reach a consensus on how long to stay at each location. For us, he asked us each time how long we wanted to stay.



    Thank you for this post!


    I was just on Thenford Grey's website. We just booked a cruise for Dec for Eastern Caribbean. St. Kitts is the port we are most excited about. I was worried about booking through the ship because I wasn't sure we'd have the time to see more then a couple things. This tour looks like it covers a lot for the time and the price is excellent.


    Did you feel like you had enough time at the stops? Caribelle and Romney sound like such a neat place. But then again, so does all of St. Kitts!

  10. We visited St Maarten in mid-April 2018. Walk walked off the ship and took the water taxi to the beach area. Water taxi is easy to find and to the left after you enter the main cruise terminal shopping area.


    You can walk from the cruise terminal to the beach but in the heat, nah, why bother? Water taxi is cheap and they sell beer onboard for $1!


    There are many, many choices for chair rental and umbrella on the beach. Some included a bucket of beers. I think it was around $20 for 2 chairs & 1 umbrella. And many beach bars and restaurants.

  11. We took this tour a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. The only place that was physically demanding was the fortress -- if you wanted to walk up a steep walk to the high view point. However, if that was too much for somebody, there was a gentler walk to a a different hillside that one could chose.


    I presume with a group of 17 you will be in a private coach or several vans. So you should be able to customize the tour to your own likely and abilities.


    We are on Harmony of the Seas in August. Looking for things to do with kids. I like the description of your tour but wonder if it will suit our needs. We are a large group of 17 that includes 7 grandparents in their 60s, 4 parents in late 30s and early 40s, and 5 kids with youngest 1m then 3,4,8,10,11. Is this something that is doable with this group? Your advise is greatly appreciated.
  12. We took this tour in mid-April and it was absolutely fabulous. Fun onboard the boat, snorkelling was easy and fun, and lunch served al fresco was lovely. One of the best excursions we have taken. Glad we took it through the ship as it is a fairly long day.

  13. Hi there. Have just emailed the PDF.



    I emailed CC customer support and they said you can create a separate email account and use that for CC email purposes for sharing on the board if you don't want to share your "real" email address.


    So I have done just that.


    Please email the Indy TA compasses to TeearaCC at AOL dot com (you know what I mean).



  14. We recently cruised out of Baltimore for the first time and the vast majority of people seemed to be locals. The crew referenced this several times, including the captain during his afternoon chat session. As an out-of-towner, I didn't feel as appreciated as the locals. Probably will skip Baltimore in the future. That said, the city seemed really nice and we enjoyed our pre-cruise time there.

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