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  1. Hello, I am Platinum cruiser, who for the last 8 + cruises, have not used my credit cards on board, and have set up a cash account. Ship grats are not added till the 2nd to last day, after 1 pm, for all guests who have not yet payed them, (which I gladly do!) crew is not prevy to your Financial booking info at the MDR desk....I have asked this, and other questions to different Carnival employees in conversations, through the years. personally I don't care.. have always had a great time w the crew... have gotten to know some very well now 🙂 just wish we could get back to cruise'n...
  2. I just came back off the Horizon..Feb 22nd to Mar 1st. (the last true cruise before all this started) I wore my Tux on Sun. night and Fri Night.. hope this helps 🙂 Chris
  3. on all ships, depending on the room class you have booked.. ask the room steward for Robes, they no longer put them in the rooms, when you book, let them know you are celebrating your Birthday, anniversary, etc.. should get you a free drink ..:)
  4. Have done this run 3 times.. twice on the Fascination...sorry, won't do it again till they replace the "love boat" sailing on the Horizon next week.....WHOLE different class of cruising... I do think the southern run is the best run of all, but as stated a few threads up... booked on RC for Feb '21...at least it's a newer ship...Carnival has new ships coming in each year...lets see what '22 brings...but in the end, if your in the Caribbean... it's ALL GOOD!
  5. yep.. thats who I was looking at..tks
  6. tks..am on Carnival..other option will be in Aruba..just thought it would be cool to do it their.. you can probably see the whole Island..lol
  7. By chance, is there any para-sailing in that area..asked before on here, was given a name, but it turned out closed, DW and I will be heading there in Feb. want to spend some time there.. and then head down to Governors tks
  8. Looks like I am getting in to port in La Romana..not Amber Cove..same question...
  9. I am also getting into the Island later in the day in Feb... If I head to a beach, by the time I get there, where ever "there" is, it will be around 2:30... if I spend several hours there, by the time I get back to the Ship..what should/can I do after that.. Walk across the bridge? would like to see the night side of town...any suggestions
  10. Where did you end up at on Palm Beach..and did you have access to free chairs/etc.. thanks..want to go to this beach to para-sail in Feb. hearing Umbrella's are $40! would appreciate your input.. tks
  11. so If I find a cab driver...(wink,wink), how much should I expect to pay for chairs, an umbrella.. I want to parasail at Palm Beach if I can...unless someone can give me a better suggestion. NOT paying that much...
  12. Heading to Dom Rep. in Feb. what are the basics on buying this stone. where should I go, what should I watch out for..thanks
  13. you are VERY safe in St Kitts...yes..
  14. look into Rose and Jim taxi Service.. think you will find what you want.. roseandjimstaxi.com/ourtours.htm
  15. I have been there several times.. suggest you use Rose and Jim Taxi service..they are very reasonable, locals for all their lives..I believe they will take you to where ever you want to go.. roseandjimstaxi.com/ourtours.htm Chris
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