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  1. Martita B.

    New to Seabourn

    catskier Seabourn's beloved Eric & Jean Cass have more sea days (uk) than any other passengers. David E THE MOST DAYS ~~surely wish I had been aboard with you....I have many more days than 300~~I would have won a "Tiffany letter opener!!" Ha ha HAPPY SAILS Martita B
  2. Martita B.

    A sad time for us~a favorite Sailor has passed

    Thank you for your kind words ~~my memories of Bob, Jim and I and other 'ole saltly dog Sail Mates (sittin' at our corner "fire door" table) will be cherished by many and will never be forgotten. Happy sails MB
  3. Martita B.

    A sad time for us~a favorite Sailor has passed

    Hi dear friend Lola, Health issues still plague me~~~but I have my precious daughter ad her husband just 12 miles out (on the ranch)also on a morning basis I have Hortencia and Daniel who come.'Couldn't do withjout 'em~ I am so deeply saddened that Ill nerver sail again on Seabourn! But, alas who knows, a long time ago Goddess 1& 2 called on Galveston. Please lift me up today as I am still very grief stricken over our sweet Bob. love, love to you both. MB
  4. Bob Phillips (Robert ~~Okla. & Dallas) Died Wed. a.m. May 4th of congestive heart failure. As many of you know I've been sailing Seabourn with Bob and Jim (Griffin) for at least 12 yrs. Bob was a real gem......a "legend," so fine and so refined Both Bob and Jim always so handsome dressed "to the nines!" Either at the morning casual sky bar or the Tux formal evenings. We'll all miss visiting them in the Baby Sister's 06! Please lift Jim up in your prayers. I am truly devastated but with Gods grace and time I will heal. Amigos para siempra, and big hugs Martita B
  5. Martita B.

    Christmas onboard

    I have spent 3 fabulous Christmas/New Years cruises (2 free, my days; 1 paid) on The Baby Girl's ~~the BEST times ever! especially New Years anchored off St Barts with all the huge yachts.....but Captain announced "we are the biggest~" loud cheers! You will make many wonderful memories and will cherish each day/night aboard. Pack your dressy evening wear and your dancing slippers! Surely wish I could be well enough to join you. My Seabourn wine toast, "Amigos para siempra" It's the Seabourn way. Have fantastic holiday~ Martita B.
  6. Request in advance for Strawberries Madagascar ~~a desert you won't forget. Of course they are unable to present it tableside but I know it will be delicious from the galley. Enjoy!~ MB
  7. Have lunch in the dining room and ask the Fry Chef for a platter of his fried onion rings~~best on the high seas! I've been loving each fried morsel for many years and have never been disappointed. (only for lunch) Happy sailings! Martita B
  8. On the Baby Girls our housekeepers always kept us supplied with Hermes soap. Just another "cut back" I guess? I too love the fragrance. MB
  9. My suggestion, "offer us the large bar of Hermes soap." Martita B
  10. Martita B.

    Thoughts from Quest

    I also visited with Foxy one Christmas cruise but his jokes were a tad off-colored so I didn't linger long with him~~but his cantina is a lot of fun! MB
  11. Martita B.

    Thoughts from Quest

    Be sure to visit Foxy's cantina on Jost ~~a really fun stop! MB
  12. I've marked it on my calendar and shall be watching! Thanks~~ MB
  13. Thank you for posting ~I always enjoy the port webcams. The Quest will call on Funchal April 9th, I will certainly "tune in" to their cams. Thanks again~ Happy sailing! Martita B.
  14. Martita B.

    Quest delayed?

    Thank you for posting ~I just received an email from friends explaining the delay. I could see the rain in the webcam but "rain" in the past never delayed us from departing. Have a marvelous crossing ~of course wishing I was with you. First spring TA in many years that I have had to remain in hot, dry West Texas. Mind if I have a 'lit pit party? ha ha (or maybe a big one) I'll be looking at the Funchal webcam seeing all of you merrymakers! Have fun! Martita B.
  15. Martita B.

    Quest delayed?

    Does anyone know the reason the Quest was delayed so long departing Port Everglades last evening (3-30th) The ship was to leave at 7 pm but was still at the dock at 8:30. I was watching the live port webcam, then decided "well heck, Capt. Pedder might still be sitting there at 10:00," so I logged off~~ Happy sailing Martita B