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  1. I'm seeing that it is recommended to reserve a specific time prior to the cruise. We will be sailing on the Radiance in November to New Zealand. I have no idea of when shows usually occur to even have an idea of when I'd like to dine. Can anyone let me know in general when are the big shows in the theater?
  2. Thank you Clarea! Great to know. For whatever reason I helped book a friend to join us on the cruise we were going on in February of this year and the rep I was dealing with had told me no refundable deposit option. RCI had always been one of our favorite lines, great to know.
  3. We use to sail Royal, but haven't sailed on a RCI cruise since 2013, we have been doing Carnivals because we can sail more going to New Orleans and not having to fly. We booked the Radiance back in early 2018 for a New Zealand cruise in November 2019. At that time and for that cruise there wasn't an option of booking with or without a refundable deposit.... it was refundable. I've been looking at 10 day cruises for next year so that we will make the Diamond level. I'm shocked that the deposits aren't refundable prior to the final payment. We are looking at $900 loss if we book now for a 2020 cruise in the fall and something happens within a year. We're in our mid 60's and not sure if I want to lose close to a 1000 bucks if one of us gets sick or injured in the next few months. The only thing I can think of is purchase our travel insurance the day I purchase the cruise.
  4. I personally feel the railings are plenty high and I doubt that they will be making any huge changes of making structures like cages. At least I hope they don't. I had a student that I over heard talking to friends about climbing down to the cabin below them off the balcony when she and friends went on a Carnival cruise..... This was a bright 25 year old gal, conducted herself in mature manner however drinking causes people to lose good judgement. The whole question evolved from the resent incident of a passenger falling off the ship. I began thinking about the drowning that occurred a few years back on one of the Carnival ships. (One of my pet peeves is parents not watching their children in the pool since I was trained as a lifeguard. I find myself falling into that role of scanning the pool area for children that might start struggling. ) On Royal Caribbean after a drowning they implemented having lifeguards station at their pools. I began to wonder since there are few drowning but a major change was made about the safety at the pools, would they also begin to change the ships design due to falls.
  5. Most of us know you simply can't just fall off the ship unless there is foul play or you are doing something stupid like sitting or standing on the railing. However we continue to see passengers going overboard. Do you think there will ever be a significant change in design of the balconies and decks to prevent this occurring. I hate the thought of losing the openness and views you get while at sea.
  6. We did it on the Triumph this year. Told to meet at specific area. Once everyone was off you and any other b to b's and any contract staff are walked off.... saw NO one walked through customs, they looked at our passport and immediately walked back onto the ship. It was great! Had the whole ship to ourselves!!! You really need to book the same cabin for both cruises.
  7. The answer is YES! As always they work on all ships to maintain them but this is beyond that..... major work is occurring. The reason is to shorten the amount of time it is out of service in dry dock. I would have liked to know this was going to be happening prior to my cruise, I could at least had the opportunity to decided if I wanted to remain booked on the cruise or switch to a different ship.
  8. We were on the first cruise that major work that is currently going on beforel it goes into dry dock. It is a hit or miss type of cruise at this point. We've cruised on her 3 times prior, 2 of which was this year. Our Sept 1st cruise was not horrible but not one I'd recommend. The issue is all the work that is being done to shorten the time in dry dock for much needed updates. We found the staff to be very friendly, the food good and entertain was good. The negative things were: 1.) elevators were being worked all the entire time, limiting ability to do get where you wanted to go in a timely manner 2.) Toilets wouldn't flush for unknown period of time. One of our friends had to leave his cabin one night just to use the restroom, 3.) Lots of smells of sewage in different locations on the ship 4.) We had stayed in our cabin on an earlier cruise. There was a lot more noise this time. Got up one morning to a barge next to us with huge hoses being pulled to our ship... banging and banging. 5.) Our friends had terrible flumes of paint or paint thinner starting around mid-night and by 4am couldn't take it anymore and had to leave their cabin. When at the service desk the people in front of them were complaining because half of the carpet was gone out of their suite. 6.)Hopefully everyone has gotten word that you can't get into the terminal until noon. They don't set sail until 5pm now. Many people didn't get the email. We had to go back to our car and wait an hour before getting into line. There were a lot of complaint from others that we didn't experience. I'm only stating what we experienced. Some had a great time others did not. Returning home, I did call Carnival recommending that they don't choose to do this again but go ahead an put a ship in dry dock and complete it there, not to run cruises making major repairs. For us we cruise a lot and so it wasn't a big deal that it wasn't that greatest cruise but I can't recommend this ship at this point. For my son, he only works part time at a grocery store, he doesn't get paid a whole lot. He had saved and paid for this trip by himself. It was disappointing. Again, this is what WE experienced. If you choose to sail on her, go knowing there will be issues and look for the positive things you experience.
  9. We've cruised a lot, Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii, Europe but never from the down under! This one will be our 40th. Have booked a cruise for Nov 2019 on the Radiance out of Sydney. It started out just my husband and I we invited one of our friends and in turn that person invited 2 more and anyhow we are now up to a possibility of 10 people in our group.... and I have ended up coordinator. Please give me any advice or tips for this adventure! Would greatly appreciate any suggestions. I fear I've over my head in the down under!
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