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  1. Not to hijack this thread, but I’m thinking about debarking early in Florence on a Mediterranean cruise. It leaves from Rome, and Florence is the very last port of call. Most excursions seem to give 4.5 hours in Florence, which isn’t long, so rather than getting back on the ship and sailing to Rome for official disembarkation the next morning, then taking a train back to Florence, it SEEMS like it would be easier to just stay in Florence. Does anybody have any advice or thoughts on this? I haven’t called NCL yet as this is just a thought swirling in my head and the cruise is a loooong way away (May 2021 😢 )
  2. Thank you so much for all the information and Fun Times!
  3. Great review! Thank you for all the info. I’d love to see the Fun Times!
  4. I want to know everything! 😁 I am going on this itinerary on December 2nd on the Magic. You said you're doing a review, so maybe I need to wait for that. What did you do in the ports? Did you travel with kids? We will have our 7 year old son with us, so I have questions about Camp Ocean. How was the ship overall? I'm so excited for this cruise!
  5. I am loving your review so much! Thank you for the beautiful pictures and commentary.
  6. I love all the photos!! Thank you so much for sharing. Sent from my H1711 using Forums mobile app
  7. Loving your review so far, especially the drinking totals!!
  8. I am so excited to see the rest of your review! Sent from my H1711 using Forums mobile app
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