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  1. I just do not see the big deal here folks. As one person said.... call it a service charge and be done with it. Is this really such a big deal? I guess so from all the people that seem so upset about it. As for people saying the service they feel has gone down hill since this all started I also have my doubts about this. People in general and esp when they travel they tend to make all these general statements. I have heard people on a ship yelling about how poor the service was because they had only 3 towels in the cabin instead of 4 ! When they called it took 35 minutes for the 4th towel to arrive! ( like this would make or break your cruise experience). Sadly enough for some it does. It seems so clear and simple to me. The service charge is applied. If you do not want this then take it off. If you want to keep the service charge and ALSO add something extra you are also free to do so. I just wish that people would start seeing the bigger picture. I can think of a few million people who would love to have such a problem to worry about. Instead they are worried about food for their kids, a place to live for the family, and clean water to drink. Please.... go on these cruises with your family, loved ones, husbands, wives, etc and have the time of your life! This is all such small stuff in the big picture. Why let $10 per person per day ruin a one week or longer cruise you have spent far more on. Happy Cruising.
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